HQU 2 Stockholm [2007-05-26]

The last weekend course that took place in Stockholm, this semester, was a course in enhanced Hold Qi Up, a sequel to the basic course in Hold Qi Up. Even though the weather was very nice a quite big group chose to participate in the course and in the strong Qi-feld. Many people realise the importance to increase the quality of the training. During the course the importance to practice Qigong even when we don't do physical movements was emphasised.

From the participants comments:

Wellbeing, thoughts

"Now after the course I feel great. In the afternoon I had a wonderful flow in the training. I long for the summer course. Starting to practice Qigong is one of the best things I've ever done. Now I can use my mind in a better way and I can say no to things kindly but surely. I can resist other people's negative thoughts."

"The course has been fantastic and I've got great help with my movements in Hold Qi Up. I've haven't been very patience. I've wanted more results from the training and I've had my focused on the things that hasn't happened yet. I'm much calmer now. I was in a hospital to do a test I before has considered as nasty. This time it passed so fine that even the doctor commented that I was so calm and relaxed. I've started to realise that you can see things from different perspective, e.g. now when I'm unemployed. It's not just something negative. It's also a possibility to do things that I didn't have time to do before when I worked, eg. go for a walk."

"I want to thank for a great weekend course. It feels like a good recharge before I'll give birth. Usually I don't speak much after the courses. It used to be too hard for me but now I want to tell. I've become so much happier since I started to practice Qigong. I'm more aware of myself in my every day life and I can see that I was very mean to myself before. I've treated myself in a way I would never treat someone else. I'm more kind to myself now and in the long run it makes me act nicer even to other people as I don´t get so easily irritated any more."

"Every course makes me feel better and better."


"We have a lot of lilac at home and before I had to stay inside when they were flowering. Now I can even smell them a bit and it's wonderful."

Knee problems

"I was reluctant to come to the course as I have hurt the meniscus. The injury makes it eg. hard for me to walk in stairs. Today I could walk more normally in the stair outside this building."


Lars Hagner