HQU 2 Turku [2007-05-19]

As is our tradition, the spring season of weekend courses in Finland ended with a course in Hold Qi Up 2 in Turku. Besides the participants from Turku, there were also those who had travelled a longer way to get to the course, e.g. from Vasa and Helsinki. Many of the new students expressed their appreciation for having learned the new ways of thinking while practising, that we teach at these courses. They were convinced that they would find it easier to control any distracting thoughts that they otherwise would have.

From the participants comments:

Back problems

"I'm going to start work again tomorrow. This is the first time since I stopped working seven years ago, after an accident where I hurt my back. Qigong is a major contributing factor to me being able to start working again."

"I've practised since the first course in Turku. When I started practising I had severe back pain. It limited my life very much. A few weeks ago, I attended a survival course with my class. We spent the night in tents on a sandy field and I was a bit worried about how my back would feel. But when I woke up in the morning, my beck felt really supple."

"I attended my first course in the spring of 2000. I have had problems with my back and saw an ad in the paper, so I started practising. I'm quite sure that it is thanks to Qigong I've managed to keep my bad back going. I easily start to slouch, since my back is too weak to support me."

Åbo 070520

Worry, Anxiety, Sleeplessness, Body Control

"I've practised for two years. I thought I was too old when I started practising. I was in really bad shape when I started. I couldn't stand with my feet together, I couldn't close my eyes. Now I'm softer and more flexible and I have better control over my body. I used to be worried, anxious and have problems sleeping. Now I have found inner calm. This course will help me with my thinking."

Diabetes, Depression

"I feel like I've practised Qigong my entire life, even though I started just a little over a year ago. Of the physical problems I had, nothing remains. My diabetes is completely gone. It was cured by nothing but Qigong. This course has helped me with all the thoughts that buzz in my mind. Six months ago, I was about to give up completely. I have suffered from depressions, and I had another one. I started attending Camilla's practise group and we talked. There were two others in the group that also had had low periods, so I realized it wasn't just me. Now I have a tool to handle situations like this. After many months of difficult situations, I notice that I can handle them better. I don't waste as much energy on worrying. I'm very grateful for the new exercises we have learned."

Inner calm

"I'm a beginner. I had an Easter gift: a sum of money and a suggestion to take care of myself. I could do whatever I wanted, have a holiday in the sun or anything. Camilla is my colleague and I found out about the Qigong course through a poster that she had left at work. I went to the lecture and rescheduled my entire weekend. Then I was hooked. I've been practising at least 3-4 times a week, sometimes in my workplace together with Camilla. I've noticed that I can keep calm despite of all the challenges I've faced, e.g. large concerts with 100 children and four choirs. I feel like I've spent my money well and I'm sure I will have a good return on my investment."

Back Problems, Energy, Inner Calm

"I've practised since the first course in Hangö. I used to have problems with my back before, but now I'm much more flexible. I had a lot more energy after the course in Ekenäs. Nowadays, I long to practise in the morning. I feel much calmer and don't get pulled into everything at work. In the beginning, most of the improvements were physical, but now there are things happening mentally as well."

Anxiety, Physical Condition

"I'm more flexible and my posture is better. I attended a rehabilitation program this winter, the kind that an employer arranges for older employees. We were graded there. They could objectively assess that I am more flexible. My back and leg muscles are in excellent condition. They also said that the small muscles in my back are in good condition. These are muscles that you can't get to through exercising normally. I also notice mental changes. I used to have stage fright, anxiety when travelling, hypochondria and other problems. This winter I've faced difficult challenges both at work and in other situations. I've handled them better. I'm more positive. I assume that things will be all right. I was talking to my husband and said: "a person that is as worried as I am". He, who has been very sceptical towards Qigong, said:" But you aren't like that any more." It's exiting to see that, at the same time as I'm aging, things also move in the other direction."


Lars Hagner