TuiNa , Wei Tuo Jin Gothenburg [2007-05-17]

An interested group of people, consisting of Qigong practitioners and therapists, had got together in Gothenburg to learn about meridians, acupoints, TuiNa and - of course - Wei Tuo Jin.

Several participants got new insights when they learned to treat acupoints using finger needles during the TuiNa course. During the Qigong part, when we learned and practiced Wei Tuo Jin, the heat was turned on with a lot of Qi and several participants experienced improvements during the course.

Some of the participants' comments can be found below

Sleeping problems and sciatica

"During the TuiNa course I felt it in my whole body when we treated each other. I suffer from sleeping problems, but already during the first night I slept very well. We also learned to treat pains in the lower back and after that my sciatica felt a little better. However, during the first day of Wei Tuo Jin I noticed that my back wasn't all that well, but to my surprise the pains went away quickly and during the afternoon I felt good. By body felt free and more supple. And I slept well between all the days of the course!"

Diastasis Symphysis Pubis

"I gave birth to my baby about 4 months ago. After the pregnancy and delivery I have had a lot of pain in my body, partly stemming from a Diastasis Symphysis Pubis. When I stood up and sat down during the morning of the first day of Wei Tuo Jin I was clearly reminded of this condition. However, after lunch I felt almost nothing from my Diastasis Symphysis Pubis. This morning when I woke up I felt like a new person; I was alert and my body felt comfortable."

Blister under my tongue

"When I woke up in the morning I felt slight cold in my nose and sinuses, I also had a blister under my tongue. The blister hurt surprisingly much. At lunch I noticed that the blister was all gone. That my cold seemed to have left me is one thing, but that the blister had already disappeared is quite surprising."

The participants are practicing Wei Tuo Jin in Gothenburg, may 2007

Nice feeling in the body

"I have practiced quite a lot of Qigong before, but this is my first Wei Tuo Jin course. It feels very nice in my whole body. It is a comfortable kind of training that I really look forward to practicing at home. I can already feel, after these two days, that my body is getting more supple."

On sick leave for a bad back

"It's really good to repeat the course; I always discover that I have done some things completely wrong. I practice now and then. Sometimes I don't practice at all for months, but during other periods I start all over and practice hard - and then I feel really good, like I do now. My husband has during many years been on sick leave for his bad back. He used to be on sick leave for several months each year. He was very sceptical towards acupuncture, TuiNa and Qigong. After I started to treat him with TuiNa (3-4 years ago) he has not been on sick leave al all! As soon as his back starts hurting he tells me about it, I treat him and in the morning and he is all well again. He even admits that this is due to my TuiNa treatments!"

Supple and soft

"I feel that I got a lot from the course, I'm more supple and soft - like a 25 year old! I will try to practice both TuiNa and Wei Tuo Jin."

Favourite exercise

"Periodically I give others TuiNa treatments, and I also get TuiNa treatments from some of my classmates. I think that the results from TuiNa are good. Wei Tuo Jin is a favourite exercise of mine and I feel strong after practicing it."

Injury from traffic accident

"I recently had a traffic accident. After that I felt shaken. I got pains in my neck, lower back and hips. I was very grateful that there was a course so short a time after the accident. When I came to the course I had a swelling on one side of my lumbar. I also noticed that I was much more rigid then I'm used to being, but during the course I have gotten more supple. I have felt several changes in the areas where I got hurt, my neck and head feels better again. The swelling in the lumbar has disappeared. I'm happy that I could join the Qifield."

Fun and interesting

"I have practiced some Qigong before, but this course was most fun and also the most interesting course that I have joined. This training is good for me."

Stimulated Qi

"Wei Tuo Jin was fun to practice and stimulated Qi in a different and comfortable way."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen