Hold Qi up Nybro [2007-05-12]

A mix of new and experienced attendees gathered in Nybro for the weekend course. Most of them locals but a few from more further areas like the islands of Gotland and Öland in the Baltic Sea. The course took place near the lake "Linnéasjön" and the park "Badhusparken". Surroundings appreciated by humans as well as other creatures, like all the birds whose joyful singing accompanied the exercises. Those who tried "Hold Qi up" for the first time were quick learners and the weekend went smooth and fast but not without significance. Citations from the participants to follow:

Cough, asthma, cold

" Today, when listening to another participant's story, I suddenly realized my cough is gone. I have slight asthmatic problems and I normally cough a lot while having a cold, I have had a few colds during this year but I did not develop any coughs."


"This is the fourth year I practise Qigong and it has helped me a lot I have had facial pain problems, but not any more."

Stress, safety

"Qigong is my security, something comforting. I unwind here."

Nybro 070513


"I have been practising for two and half year and I was in a real bad condition at the beginning, I had lost my spark of life and was completely exhausted. After my first course I did not experience any big changes, but after the second one I was overwhelmed. I remember lying on the bed simply feeling happy!"

Fibromyalgea, stress

"I suffer from Fibromyalgea, stress etc. I have tried some other methods like Yoga, relaxing tapes etc. I saw a poster announcing this course and thought it might do me good. I am pleased with the course and will continue."


"For me it is primarily the calming effect that attracts me and practising has become a must."

Wiplash, backpain, bad shoulders

"This method helps me to prevent injuries. My occupation is highly physically demanding and is performed in high tempo. When I neglect to practise problem occurs, like back pain, neck and shoulder problems etc. When I stick to practising regularly I do not suffer from any of those problems. When I started to practise this method I suffered from a whiplash injury that I got rid of almost instantaneously."


"I do not understand how this method works but that does not bother me. I practise and notices that it makes me fell good. Unfortunately I often stop practising when I feel all right then the neck and back pains reoccurs – I start practising again, gets better, and stop again – problems reoccurs and so on. It is all about forming a routine, to practise daily."


Lars Hagner