Hold Qi up Vasa [2007-04-28]

The sun was shining in through the windows in Sundom youth association's house outside Vasa, where we had gathered to have a course in Hold Qi Up. Thanks to the thoughtful help from the repeating students, the beginners could learn the exercises quickly and we had a lot of time over for practising. The course was calm and joyful and many participants could report good results.

From the participants comments:

Pain in knees and back

"I have had pain in my knees and back before. It's been difficult to walk stairs. But today I don't feel anything at all in my knees. Usually I have pain in my back when I sit in a chair like this. Now I don't feel any pain."

Lactose Intolerance, Gastric Catarrh, Migraine, Fatigue and Asthma

"I've been lactose intolerant. After practising Qigong for six months, I could eat regular dairy products without any problems. I set a very high standard for myself. I used to get gastric catarrh twice per year. Since I started practising Qigong, I haven't had gastric catarrh even once, even though I've been through a few stressful and difficult periods since then. I used to have two migraine periods both in springtime and fall. Then I would be in bad shape for 1-2 weeks. Now I haven't had any migraines in two years. Last fall I felt like I was about to get a migraine, but it disappeared. I used to have to sleep for 8-10 hours a night and I was still tired. Now I don't need more than 6 hours and I still feel really alert. The quality of my sleep has improved. I used to eat a lot of medicines and preparations. I was in the process of testing a medication for my asthma when I started practising Qigong. In the last check-up, they said I didn't have asthma and that I wouldn't need my medication any more. I don't need to take any medicines any more."

Energy and Joy

"Yesterday I was tired, but I could feel an energy inside. I hadn't cleaned my house in two weeks, but yesterday evening I took out the vacuum cleaner. I even washed the floors. I have never cleaned my house that late on a Saturday before. I feel a joy inside that I haven't felt in a long time. My feet and knees have hurt and I thought many times that I would have to sit down. Now I feel good."

Vasa 070429


"My circulation has improved. I used to have really cold feet."

Fatigue, Sleep Problems

"I was out digging in my flower bed yesterday, and then my arm hurt. I went back in to practise, and after that the pain disappeared. I am more alert than usual. Before, I had problems falling asleep. It could take me two hours to fall asleep. After I started practising Qigong, I can fall asleep in 15-20 minutes. I've had surgery for my tennis elbow. I used to have pain day and night. Now I eat 80% less pain medication. After the last summer course, my man and I went swimming. The beach is 5 km away and we went there by bike. Usually I would huff and puff like a 70-year-old. Now I could go as fast as he could. He couldn't believe his eyes and was wondering if there was something wrong with his bike."

Fatigue, Joy

"I was alert and happy yesterday. I had promised to go to a blues concert, but had decided to go home no later than midnight, in order to have enough energy to come to the course today. Due to the strikes in Kastrup airport, the artist's plane was late, so the concert didn't begin until 11.30. I stayed there until 1.30. But still, I could get up this morning and I've felt alert and been able to keep up with the course. This has given me energy. I feel a joy in the fact that I can keep up and can manage."


"I have migraines when I cheat and don't exercise. I visited a specialist who fixed my shoulder. Now, I will not have to go back to that specialist again. After the first exercise, I felt that my shoulders relaxed. I have a heavy job with a lot of lifting. It's also mentally tough. I think about what will happen as I grow old. Do I want to be ill? I want to take responsibility for my own health, so that others will not have to. I'm really satisfied."


Jeanette Heidenberg