Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2007-03-17]

The Gothenburg Weekend Course saw a great number of tired looking tensed faces which changed during the course into relaxed gentle looks. They regained their colour and glow and most of them had a little smile on their face all the time. The weekend had a light-hearted, warm feeling about it, the new participants were very focused and they received good and thoughtful help by those repeating the course, They all added their good mood to the strong, fine Qi-field and this contributed to the very relaxed and friendly mood of this course. We were glad to hear that several of the new paricipants decided to start joinning the Evening Training. The experienced participants shared their experiences of gaining health and strengt – some of them having been helped against long-term and more serious health problems and they gave good advice to the new participants.

One participant who has joined the summer Course and practised several years put it like this, which sums up most of the course: "On the second hour today I enjoyed myself, it was simply pleasure and the whole weekend was just wonderful. I can only congratulate all of those who sit here, for practising Zhineng Qigong. There are things happening all the time and you get better and better – physically and mentally – it also develops your personality. Well, everything gets better all the time."

Participant comments

As told by new participants

" I feel comfortably relaxed."

"The weekend was both energizing and relaxing as well as very nice."

"This is my first encounter with Qigong. It was a wonderful weekend. I felt very energetic all the time. Yesterday I had this lovely experience on the Qi regulation, as it is called. I thought I´d fall off my chair because it was just as if someone gave me little electrical shocks. It was a marvellous feeling."

"It just feels nice and I was able to stand straight without swaying. Before I was so tensed and I had difficulty with that:"

Improved vision

"Yesterday after the course when I went to do some shopping it felt so strange when I walked and at first I couldn´t make out what it was. But then I realized that I could see better, a membrane lodged in my eye had disappeared. I have got a lot of help before but not this quickly."

A more supple body

"My body just gets more and more supple and the pains grows less and less."

No colds

"One of the biggest problems I used to have was recurring colds. At my work ¾ of my colleagues have been on sick leave due to the flu and colds, but I didn´t catch anything."

"I´d like to encourage everybody to practise. With three months´ training I got my blood circulation going, my sinuses were cleaned out I slept better at night and my appetite improved. I used to have problems with poor appetite. My family catch one cold after another but not me, and I was one of those kids with ears, nose and throat problems, and especially in my sinuses etc. I also find that the training helps me develop as a person."


Elisabeth Öberg