Hold Qi up Vara [2007-03-31]

Once again the Vara Weekend Course was held in the nice premises of Vara Folk high school. Several of tha participants were from The Vara district and the lectures which had preceeded the course made them keen to know more about Zhineng Qigong. On Saturday there was a somewhat shy and restrained mood and as the course continued it shifted into a more open and relaxed attitude.

This time too, one participant came from Karlstad to get an extra fill of Qi in the Qi field and speedy progress to improvements already achieved.

Comments by the participants

New participants

"This seems to be a good way to calm down and get a supple body. It was a good thing to join this course, which I think was very good."

"I´m a total greenhorn when it comes to Qigong and so far I´m very positive about it."

"This was my first course and it was very nice."

Fatigue in connection with ageing, a new participant

"On this weekend I managed to do much more than I usually do."


"I joined a Weekend Course and I became energetic. Then I improved more and more, my sense of balance got better, everything got better. This is good stuff, so I say: practise Zhineng QIgong."


"I´ve been on sickleave on and off during a couple of years on account of stressrelated tinnitus. After my first Weekend Course things improved, but then when I figured I was recovered I stopped training. Now I want to restart my Zhineng Qigong training."

Facial neuralgia

"The pain which I´ve had for over twenty years has disappeared and it hasn´t returned. There is so much happening all the time; on Summer Courses and every course. My nerve injury reacts to it and I improve more and more."


Elisabeth Öberg