Hold Qi up Stockholm [2007-05-05]

The 5-6th of May a number of beginners chose to spend the weekend in a spring like Stockholm, learning Hold Qi Up, together with students repeating the course. Some of the beginners were surprised that the movements and the strong Qi-feld can influence that much. With help from the more advanced students the beginners learned the movements fast which made it possible to practice quite much.

From the participants comments:


"This is my third basic course. When I attended my first course, my neck had been very painful from an accident a year ago. I had been to doctors and physiotherapists to get different treatments for the pain. Qigong is the best training I've had. Already after a basic course my neck was much better and the doctor was surprised to see the fast and good results. The training has also made me calmer."


"I'm a beginner. When I woke up this morning I felt fantastic. Often my body and head feel like different parts but this morning they felt united."

Rheumatism, depression, happiness

"I attended my first basic course in November and I've practiced since. I suffer from rheumatism in my joint and in my blood vessel. I've also suffered from 1-2 depressions a year for quite long time. From all the things I've tried, Qigong has helped me the most. I'm much stronger and I enjoy life in another way."

Stress, balance, harmony

"The training is a good tool to handle stress, get balanced and harmony in life. Qigong is a great tool so it's important to give the training a chance."


"I've practiced for three years and now I can sit down with my back straight. I couldn't before without pain. The training has been very helpful for my mind. I have a platform, a stable ground in my life. I'm grateful for the training and I'm looking forward to the summer course."


Lars Hagner