Hold Qi up Copenhagen [2007-04-21]

Finally it was time for our first basic course in Copenhagen. This was possible thanks to one of our student who has attended our summer courses. Our training spread this way and more people get a possibility to learn Hold Qi Up. After the course it was decided to start a practice group to support each other in the training, a possibility for the beginners to better remember the movements and to participate in a strong Qi-feld. The atmosphere was warm with curiosity.

Already in the morning the second day a student with Parkinsons disease, told that she had washed herself under the arm. She hadn't been able to do so in a year and she felt much stronger in her arm.

From the participants comments:

Sleep, pain

"I've heard many positive things about Qigong. I'm very happy for the course and for all Qi. Saturday evening I had the opportunity with child minding and I slept the whole night through for the first time in a long time. I've stood on my feet without pain and insoles for two days."

Köpenhamn 070422

Back problems, cold

"I can barely remember the problems I had with my back when I started to practice Qigong. I don't catch colds anymore. I get to hear from other people that I'm much calmer and more harmonious now. I think Qigong is a great way to work with oneself."


"I broke my back around Christmas and I came to the course to learn soft movements but the course has given me so much more than the movements and I think this can helpful for my stress problems. I'm thankful for the course."


"When I started to practice Qigong I was waiting to operate my foot. My arch of the foot was worn out from a pregnancy and I had a lot of pain and I had to use insole. When I started to practice Qigong I don't need an operation anymore, my pain and my insole are gone."


"I didn't have any severe problems when I started to practice but my husband can see that I handle problems in a better way now."


Fatima Ringvall