Hold Qi up Helsinki [2007-04-14]

Helsinki showed its most beautiful face with some lovely spring weather. The beautiful weather lifted our spirits and made the course nice and harmonious with many happy reunions and a warm welcome for the new participants. The new participants learned quickly and had good help from the more experienced students when learning the movements. For this reason, we had the opportunity to practice a lot during the course. The participants came from many different parts of Finland and even from Sweden to participate in and contribute to the strong Qi-field that we have in all our courses.

From the participants comments:

"I said no to my family for the first time this weekend to be able to join this course. They wanted to go to our summer house. Now when I sit here I have decided to learn to say no more often. Before I retired I had a rough year, but thanks to Qigong I could manage it and be happy, not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Yesterday evening my back hurt so much that I couldn´t sit down at all, but after today, one day of Qigong, I don´t feel pain anymore! I have also noticed that my grand child stops crying when I play the Qigong cd."

"I see the world in a different way since I started training Qigong."

Helsingfors 070415

"I chose to join this Qigong course instead of going to Greece on vacation . I do not regret it!"

"It feels hard when I haven´t trained Qigong in a while. It becomes much easier when I practise."


Fatima Ringvall