Hold Qi up Ekenäs [2007-03-24]

On March 24-25 we had our first course in sunny Ekenäs, Finland. Despite the wonderful spring weather, many chose to join us in Mikaleskolan's great hall to learn Hold Qi Up. Mikaelskolan is located in Västerby estate and the great hall is in a previous barn attic. The barn has been nicely renovated and the beautiful hall has a calm and harmonious ambiance.

Ekenäs lokal 070325

The atmosphere in the course was warm and cordial. The participants were active and curious, so the learning was quite interactive. We enjoyed each other's company and many of the participants expressed their gratitude for the good and friendly people they had the pleasure of spending the weekend with.

From the participants comments:

"I had neck problems before and that affected my arms. I have gotten rid of that. It has been so much better in just six months. Earlier it pulled and teared in my neck in the morning. But it doesn't do that any more."

"I have a better posture and I walk better. before I walked with one foot outwards, but now I walk normally. And I have a better balance and obviously a better mobility. And I'm sure that I have prevented a lot that I don't know about."

"I have tried a lot of different things, yoga, reiki and so on. I have always had back problems and this feels very nice for the back. So I will drop the yoga."

"It has felt very nice and I have gotten more energy."

"It has been a strong Qi-field this weekend. I think that I do feel the Qi-field in my own way. I really needed this course, there has been a lot going on lately. I feel totally different now than I felt yesterday morning. It feels good to have invested this weekend in myself."

Ekenäs träning 070325

"I'm much calmer and more secure with myself this weekend. I have had very stiff ankles and yesterday they were really awful. I could hardly walk up and down the stairs. It's all gone today."

"I have a chaotic job with a lot of expectations. It gives me a lot to join courses. It's nice to come here where nothing is expected of me. I haven't thought about my job at all this weekend."

"I have a back with too much mobility and a vertebra that is crooked. And I have osteoarthritis. The doctors have told me I have to live with it. I have practiced almost every day and have made progress. I am very grateful for this course. Earlier, I was very tense and made a lot of mistakes. Now I've gotten a lot of new information. It feels like I'm back on track again. Even though I have done the movements a little bit wrong, I've gotten great results. I'm softer and can do the movements better. But the best part is that I can sleep at night now. I used to do crosswords, read, do everything to try and get to sleep. Now I can sleep!"

"It has been a powerful course. I had problems with my back, but I'm noticeably better. I'm more mobile overall. I can get up in the mornings without any stiffness."


Jeanette Heidenberg