Hold Qi up Helsingborg [2007-03-17]

The course in Helsingborg was this time kept in Nanny Palmkvist School. The school is unique as all houses have been built completely by material from nature, stone and wood. Besides, all the houses are named after the elements of nature i.e. wind, water, earth and fire.

Weather was chilly and windy outdoors but inside the training hall the participants practiced eagerly. The participant's tales confirmed that Zhineng Qigong is a good training method for health:

Usually I have got frozen hands and feet, but today my feet and hands are very warm.

When I came I felt like getting a cold, but now all symptoms have disappeared.

When I started with qigong about six months ago I was really stiff in my body, but own training gives results.

My joints have become very soft and I can for the first time move my arms without pain.

Normally I suffer from breath disorder, I have to control breathing. But yesterday evening my body breathed calmly in a natural way.

After I started to practise qigong, I have almost not caught a cold.

Helsingborg Hold Qi Up Course


Arne Nordgren