Hold Qi up Turku [2007-03-17]

We can clearly see that many people in Åbo have attended the nine-day summer course. More and more realize the importance of repeating courses and the Qi-field gets strong. This benefits the beginners, who also get a lot of help from those with more experience. In the course on March 17-18, the beginners learned quickly, so there was room for more practice.

From the participants' comments:

"I attended my first course in the fall of 2005. If I don't practice I immediately notice that I don't feel as well. I haven't seen any dramatic changes. But my husband feels better and is nicer. I'm planning to attend the summer course this summer unless something unforeseen happens."

"I've practiced a little over a year and attended a summer course. Physically, I've had help with a chronic urinary infection, hypersensitivity to electricity and tinnitus. I have more energy now. To feel tired after work is a concept I don't know any more. I go out for a walk or riding after work, I don't lie down on the couch like I used to before. The result isn't that important any more. Before, I used to think forward and practice to get better. Now, Qigong is a condition I try to be in even when I'm not practicing. Slowly, slowly it's working better and better."

Åbo 070318

"I've been practicing for two years. I haven't been that good at practicing, but still my energy levels are completely different now. When I started they had hit rock bottom and I'm much better now."

"I've had a difficult osteoarthritis in my arms and legs. I can raise my arms in a way I couldn't then. Then I couldn't even comb my hair without lifting one hand with the other. My range of motion is a lot better today and I am happy that I could come here. This is good. My elbow, which I injured earlier this spring has improved during the course."

"My back has been bad. It gets better all the time thanks to Qigong. My cats also like Qigong. They purr when I practice."


Lars Hagner