Hold Qi up Oslo [2007-03-17]

A positive and enthusiastic group of people were gathered in a spring like but quit cold Oslo for the basic course in Hold Qi Up. The beginners learned the movements fast so there was a lot of time to practice. As always in our courses, the Qi-feld was strong and the feeling of Qi was strong for many of the participants. Several of the beginners came to the course inspired by friends who have good results from the training. Now they as well have got a tool to influence their life in a positive way.

From the participants comments:


"Qigong makes me balanced in many ways. I'm calmer, I sleep better, I worry less. My condition is better. I'm healthier in general."

"I feel very good from practicing, especially when I practice every day. I feel much better both physically and mentally. I can handle working with other people much better."

"I felt emotionally stable when I went to bed last night and also less stressed."


"It's been interesting and I strongly believe this is good training."

"I feel calmer and more energetic. I have great confidence that Qigong is good."

Oslo 070318


"When I came yesterday morning I was quite tired, not at all in shape but yesterday afternoon I felt much better. When I woke up this morning I was in a much better shape than Saturday morning."

"I feel relaxed and I'm more energetic than I should be as I went to bed quite late last night."

Repeating courses

"This is my first weekend course. Every course I learn new things. I understand more and I hear new things."


"I suffer from scoliosis which I could feel quite much when I came here yesterday. The strange thing is that I didn't have pain in my back when I left from here yesterday afternoon. I never use to be able to stand up this much. I'm very surprised."


Angelica Berg