Hold Qi up Borgå [2007-03-10]

In cooperation with Borgå folkakademi, we arranged our second course in distinguished Borgå, Finland. The scaffolds around the historic cathedral dominated the view and reminded us of the reconstruction of the cathedral roof, which burned last year. After a hiatus in the Qigong activity in Borgå, many took the opportunity to rebuild their motivation to practice again by participating in the course. As many beginners as repeating participants attended the course and the atmosphere was cordial and harmonious. We shared a lot of joy and experience with each other both during the actual course and in the nice lunch and tea breaks.

From the participants' own comments:

"This course was nice and some things have fallen in place both physically and mentally. Thanks to Qigong, my upper back isn't as stiff any more. I've had neural pain in my arm, but that's better now."

Borgå 070311

"I've been practicing another Qigong method before. I like this better. It's calmer and gives me inner peace."

"I had an accident and didn't find any relief, though I had tried lots of methods. I was going to tick Qigong off my list of things that don't help. But after the first course my sleeping immediately improved and all of you who have had problems sleeping know how valuable that is. That was reason enough for me to decide to practice for the rest of my life. Then my back gradually got better. I hadn't managed to work at all since the accident, but during Christmas I worked in the market-hall and stood all day long from seven in the morning until six in the evening. It was OK and my back didn't get tired at all. I felt like I was practicing Qigong the whole day. That was a great experience for me."

"My arms go numb at night, but last night they didn't. I slept a lot better and deeper last night and woke up feeling rested."

"My shoulders easily get tense. Qigong helps me with that. I've only practiced once a week in our group, but now I'm inspired to start practicing every day."


Jeanette Heidenberg