Wintercourse SXQ (5 d) Bollnäs [2007-02-28]

This year we celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Winter Course in Shenxin Qigong. We also commemorated that we have had the privilege to arrange the course at the beautiful and quiet Folk High School in Bollnäs for the fifth consecutive year. This double anniversary was celebrated with home baked cake and tea flowers.

The number of participants, who came from Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK, was higher this year than at any of the previous Winter Courses. As usual a basic course preceded the 5-day Winter Course. A large majority of the people who attended the Winter Course also choose to participate in the basic course in order to enjoy seven days of training instead of five.

Qigong training outdoors in a winter landscape

Everybody enjoyed the strong Qi-field and the calm and thoughtful atmosphere that surrounded us. Many participants choose to spend some extra hours in the training hall in the evenings in order to make the best possible use of the Qi-field. The last evening everybody had gentle smiles on their faces.

We received a lot of positive comments regarding the arrangement, the training and the venue.


As usual a survey was conducted among the participants in which they were asked to estimate their results. The diagram below shows how many persons (in percent) that experienced improvements with regards to stress, pains and depression.

79% less stress, 72% less pains and 65% less depression

Below a sample of the participants' comments can be found.

Serious shoulder pains and sleeping problem

"During a long period of time I have suffered from heavy pains in my left shoulder. As a consequence of this I also have serious sleeping problems. During the first day of the basic course it was very hard to lift my left arm to the height of the shoulders. It hurt a lot in my left shoulder and my arm was shaking. Today (at the beginning of the second day of the basic course) my shoulder is completely free from pains!"

Respect and peace

"It is so nice to be here. You are respected and accepted here exactly the way you are. It feels so peaceful and relaxed."


"I have never felt so quiet and peaceful at any of the previous courses I have attended!"


"I feel more vivid and alert early in the morning and my headache has completely disappeared."

Stiff shoulder and Sleep apnea

"I have pain in my neck and shoulder after a lymph node oedema. The pain has steadily disappeared during the course. Furthermore I need to use a device to keep my jawbone in place during the night as it is located too far to the back. The doctors say the muscles around my throat are too weak and my condition is called sleep apnea. I use the device at night so that my jaw ends up in a more normal position, which makes it easier for me to breath. Yesterday evening when I went to bed I was not able to use the device. It just did not fit as my jaw bone automatically had ended up in a normal position!"

Soft neck

"I am rheumatic but during this course my neck feels much softer than usual. That has never been the case since I was a little child."

Stress and lung injury

"Before I came to the course I had been working very much. I started a new job in February but my old job was not finished yet. During this straining period, an old lung injury came back and caused me quite some pain and inconvenience. Those who joined me on the trip to Bollnäs told me later on that my face had the colour of an ash-tray and that I had tired, red eyes. However, I immediately felt better when we started training. On Monday evening (the first evening of the basic course) I was training by myself and I suddenly got a very strange feeling in my lung. It was as if somebody blew up small balloons that eventually disappeared on the right side of my body. This happened approximately ten times. Since that moment I haven't felt my injury, my eyes have become clearer and I have had a truly wonderful week with great training."

Practicing Qigong in the training hall during the wintercourse 2007

Mental changes and increased energy level

"I had problems with my stomach during the first days in Bollnäs and the three weeks prior to the course. However, the last two days I have not felt anything. After a correction earlier this week I had a reaction in one of my groins, but afterwards I started to feel much more alert. For me the main changes have been on a mental level. I have been dreaming a lot and I'm much more energetic now. I hadn't expected this to happen. I start to meet a part of me that is much nicer than before."

Chest pain

"The pain that I previously had in my chest has almost entirely disappeared."

Alert and cheerful

"This week I have been alert and cheerful and I have very really enjoyed being here. I hope I will be able to store this feeling when I come home so that I can deal with daily life in a better way."


"I have suffered a lot from eczema on my legs, but currently I don't feel anything. It doesn't itch at all. The eczema is dry now and almost looks like normal skin."

Less stiff back

"My back has become more and more flexible during the course. In general, my body both feels softer and lighter than before."

Clear in my head

"Usually one has rather clear thoughts when starting a course, but after a course one realises that there are more levels of clearness. It is interesting to see the world in a slightly different way. I see things that I did not see before and that feels really good."

Stress and energy

"Previously I have had serious problems with stress, but it has gotten much better since I started training Qigong one and a half years ago. I am never stressed when training Qigong, but I still can be susceptible to stress in specific situations. My biggest problem before this very course was a low level of energy and the fact that I easily get infections. But the Winter Course has given me a lot of energy. I feel stronger now."

Circulation and body weight

"The circulation around my waist has improved tremendously here in Bollnäs. During the four day training course in January my waist got much softer. As a consequence of this I lost ten kilos of weight in one month without changing my diet. Getting softer around the waist therefore seems to regulate the weight. This is good news because this means that slimming cures are not necessary to obtain this result."

Skin rash

"The skin rash on my hand is completely disappearing. The rashes on my legs have also started to heal. And I can completely lower my body when squatting down. It has been an incredibly healing and wonderful course."

Strength and Qi

"This week I have started feeling much stronger. My elbows are very crooked and tend to point down, but now I can straighten out them, which gives me a feeling of strength. I very much like the new arm-training that we learned here and last Friday I felt Qi in a stronger way than ever before."

Happy and energetic

"Before I came here I felt rather tired and a little depressed. But I got more energetic during the course and the gloomy feeling I had before disappeared."

Stress and peacefulness

"The week before the course I helped a person who had to prepare for a trial. It was very stressful and it felt as if I had a strained feeling over my heart, but the feeling disappeared after the first training. It was like a fairy tail. One morning when I wake up and somebody lighted a candle in the front the light came to me and I felt completely quiet for a while, a very nice experience."

Tough working day

"I look forward to the coming day. Tomorrow will be my toughest day at work but I feel confident that everything will be fine. Usually we are two persons doing the job but my colleague is on holiday now. It doesn't worry me at all."

Pain and self knowledge

"I have had a lot of pain in my legs and in between my shoulder blades. But suddenly the pain disappeared and it feels as if I have opened up the whole area. The main thing I have learned from training Qigong is that I have got to know myself in a much better way and that I am able now to disconnect from problems that do not really affect me."

Heart muscle inflammation

"I have trained for a long time but a couple of months ago I got a new problem. I discovered that I walked much slower than usual and that I was not breathing well. The doctors said that I had lungs as a 40-year-old person (albeit with asthma), but and ECG showed that I probably suffered from a heart muscle inflammation. When I left my house I was force to walk very slowly and I had to stand still in order to rest. But yesterday when I took a walk to Mobacken I walked very fast. I was out of breath a couple of times but I did not have to stand still and rest. Now I am fixing the problem myself while the doctors are still investigating the problem."


"I have experienced a lot of scents when training here. Previously I have not experienced that sense of smell was bad, but now I have smelled many scents. Furthermore I did not get irritated that there were scents that I couldn't stand before because of problems with allergy. Now I just noticed that they were there. They have not disappeared and my nose has not become stopped up."

Never had problems with my neck

"I have never experienced that I have had problems with my neck, but now something unexpected happened. When I was out walking on the ice I quickly turned my head and I was surprised to notice how easy it was. I have noticed that my body is softer and that I can move in a more differentiated way. I do not use my neck and shoulders when moving my hands."

Thoughts affecting relaxation

"During this course I have discovered that thoughts can affect relaxation and that it really works. When I literary thought "relax the arms" they really did relax, which was not the case before. When I had discovered that it worked so well, I applied this way of thinking to other parts of the training, e.g. when we bend forward the body. I also used my thoughts to relax my waist and this worked as well. I could bend down further, thereby improving the circulation around my feet. They got much warmer."

After the course:

Reduced resting pulse

"During the course I noticed that my strength increased and that my heart worked better. When I got home my resting pulse had been reduced with 10 beats per minute! The same week I was on my way to play music. Then I discovered that the elevator didn't work. I took the stairs to the 5th floor while carrying my equipment! That would have been impossible before the course."

See clearly from a long distance

"On my way home from the Winter Course I could see many details. I saw new details in nature. I could see clearly from a long distance. That feels really good to me since I'm an artist."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen