Hold Qi up Lund [2007-02-10]

Lund's first course of the year was held this weekend, in the same nice and spacious premises as last September. A common "theme" for some participants this time was to use Qigong for getting rid of or prevent health problems developed at work: mental stress, chronic pain and future poor circulation caused by monotonous working postures.

A new participant, who usually would need an interpreter in order to follow the Swedish language, completed the course with its Swedish instructions through the two days. This shows good spirit which inspires the rest of us, but it also shows that we practise an easily accessible and uncomplicated method.

Viewpoints among the participants

Feels well thought out and well balanced

"I thought it was good here, and that it feels well thought out and well balanced. I think it suits me as a daily routine which I can use together with my other daily program with studies. I think it can help me. Thank you."

It's very good to repeat

"I have practised for a few years by now, and even though this is a so-called beginners' course, it's still very good for you to join it and repeat it. To put it simply, I think it's nice to practise together, better than to join only the Evening Training.

Problems with pain

"I have also practised for a while, and I also thought it was very nice this weekend. Practising together feels good. I started out because of problems with pain a few years ago. I practised every day and it took me a couple of weeks to, more or less, get rid of the pain in my wrists, and my back pain took me a few months, with vertebrae slipping back into place. I have had no pain problems at all, for the last few years."

Stressful jobs as teachers

"By now I've worked as a teacher for a few years, and now I need it, to say the least. I'm glad that I have this tool. I use it for getting rid of stress and problems caused by stress."

I'm able to find a way to deal with my everyday life

"I also work as a teacher, and I often wake up at night, feeling all the needs and demands around me. But then I stand up and practise in the night. Through that I'm able to find a way to deal with my everyday life and I don't think I can ever be run down again, because Qigong has given me a tool for coping with my everyday life."


Max Björkström