Hold Qi up Bergen [2007-02-03]

As usual, the past weekend's basic course in HQU saw a blend of newcomers and more experienced participants, and the newcomers appreciated the experience of those who repeated the course. Many of them had waited long for the course and they looked forward to an opportunity for themselves to do something about their quality of life and their problems. Considering the heavy clouds covering the city, many of them found themselves having made a good choice joining the training hall, the Qi field and the opportunity get recharged with Qi. But, as someone put it, "I'd have joined in anyway".

Many participants had good results during the course but already on the Friday lecture one participant felt the effect of the Qi field. Previously that day he had felt slight pain in his shoulder area, and during the lecture he felt a tingling and stinging sensation in the area, and then it disappeared completely.

Some opinions among the participants


"I suffer from a case of very slight allergy to dust and on Saturday at the end of the class I had a strong reaction, which very rarely happens, and tears came running. This morning when we started out the same thing happened, but then I was able to cope with it better. It's exciting because when I think about it, I realize that it started with a tiny wheeze in my chest a month ago. It wasn't dust that brought this on, but something else. It was a very good course."

Chronic fatigue syndrome

"I've been ill for the last ten years, having been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. It isn't easy, neither for those who treat it, nor for the patients, to find ways out of this illness. Yesterday I felt that the training affected a lot of things and when I walked home I was pleased with the day. Today things went uncommonly well."

A clear and alert mind

"I'm so impatient, I want a lot to happen at once, but I forget how it was when I started. I was in pretty bad shape. We started by practising in the morning time (my husband and I) and when we were done I'd discover that I was awake. Usually I'd get up to get the others to go on time for various activities, but I wouldn't wake up with a clear head until about twelve o'clock. But after training around seven o'clock I'd awake with a clear head, ready for the day and I could go out and do lots of things which I couldn't do before. I must remind myself about that because this training has helped me very much".

More powerful training

"It feels very good to get to take part in these Weekend Courses. Practising together with others is something quite different and it affects the training. So thank you for a fine course".

Physically more supple

"For my part, my body has become more and more supple during the year I've been practising. I'm able to bend over down to the floor, which I couldn't do before, and that feels very comfortable. New things happen all the time".

"When I started to practise I figured I was healthy but soon enough I realized that my body was very stiff, extremely so, especially in my legs. That disappeared in six months".

Immune function

"My body has also become softer on the whole and my immune function has improved, so that I can avoid the flu when everybody else is catching it. You get spoiled when you never get sick and if it should happen some time, then you really feel ill".


"The training also helped me in at school because I'm no longer as stressed out and I'm not as afraid, nor do I worry about things the way I used to".


"I started practising because I suffered from cancer. Today I'm as healthy as anyone. I think Qigong played an important part in my recovery. Thank you for a fine course".


"Before when I'd get angry I'd stay angry for longer periods, but nowadays I'm able to calm down quickly".


Kate Ohlsson