Hold Qi up Stockholm [2007-02-10]

The basic course, 10-11 of February, took place in the centre of Stockholm. Beginners got to learn our movements, especially Hold Qi Up, to be able to practice after the course. As always, our beginners got great support from the students repeating the course. The atmosphere was good and the beginners learned quickly.

From the participants comments:


"This was my second course. 2005 I hurt my neck in an accident. Since that I've been in constantly pain in my neck with a lot of muscle-nodes. I've been to a "back clinique" and I've had treatments from physiotherapists and doctors. 3-4 months I've had injections because of the pain. The Sunday evening after my first weekend course the muscle-nodes was gone. I don't need to go to the clinique any more."

"This was my first course. My girlfriend practice, that's why I'm here. This morning I woke up without pain in my back, as I usually have."

" I've been to some courses before. Initially I decided to practice a month but after a month nothing had happened so I decided to give the practice another six months. After three months of training, my daily headache was gone, the same with the shoulder pain. After four months I noticed that I could sleep two hour less than before. I'm more creative and I got to do more things even though I sleep less."

Sthlm LUQ 070211


"I've practiced for two years and things happened all the time. My back is more straight today. I've suffered from allergy during ten years. E.g. I reacted on the smell of oranges. Today someone peeled an orange next to me but I didn't react at all."


"I've been to several weekend courses and also a summer course. In wintertime I use to get a lot of eczema all over my body but this winter I haven't. I could even bye a nice dress. It's great to come here and meet other Qigong lovers and to correct the movements."


"During the training course in January my waist got softer. After that I lost 8-9 kilo even though I ate as much as before."

Lymf odeam

"The course has been good. I'm operated for breast cancer and I've had problems with lymf odeam. Thanks to Qigong the odema has disapeared."


"This was my second course. I can handle stress much better and I sleep less".


"The weekend has been good. It's good to see many beginners. I hope you all continue to practice. Qigong has helped me a lot with pain in my joints. I still have pain but it's much less than before. Not at least, Qigong has helped me a lot mentally. Most things have happened in my head. I've come to some insights and I have a plat form to stand on. Qigong is a safety and a great support."


Lars Hagner