Hold Qi up Ljungby [2007-02-03]

The first weekend in February it was time for a basic course in Ljungby. One of our students organized the course as she herself got very good results and therefore wanted other people to get a chance to improve their health by practicing Zhineng Qigong. Her enthusiasm made quite many beginners come to the course; the oldest was over 80 years old. Together with the students repeating the course, they learned Hold Qi Up with a great spirit and an open mind.

From the students' comments:


"I've been to this course once before. A couple of years ago I got burned out. My first course gave me a lot. I continued to practice. When I got more energy I quit practicing Qigong and instead I did more physical training, spinning etc. But I miss the concentration that I got from Qigong. I want the concentration back. That's why I'm here today."

Burned out

"I was burned out when I first attended this course and it saved me. Now also my daughter practice. If I'm going to do something that worries me then I practice first and it makes me completely calm. I've also attended a summer course. It was a great experience."


"My first course gave more energy already from the first day. I was more energetic, happier and I could deal with some problems with my grandkids. After that I've often attended the weekly group training."

Ljungby 070204

"This was my second course. The first course gave me so much energy, calm and patience. When I felt good unfortunately I stopped practicing."

"When I came home yesterday I was so energetic. I cleaned the windows, changed the curtains while my husband was sleeping on the sofa."

"I've been to many courses through my employer; the count council. Hold Qi Up is the course that has given me the most."


"The training gradually gives me more and more physically. E.g. the flexibility in my arm has increased. It was not so good since an operation I had."


"This was my first course. I've been sick listed for three years due to whiplash. I worried coming here and I didn't know how I would be able to do the movements with my injury. It has been much better than I expected and yesterday evening I was more energetic than I use to be."


"I'm a beginner and I want to learn to handle stress. Yesterday I was very tired after the course but now I'm more energetic."


"I came here because of curiosity. I use to be calm and relaxed but during the training I got into a really deep relaxation. I feel safe."

Body regulation

"I'm looking for the physical training. Everybody needs to learn body regulation."


"This was my first course. When I came home Friday evening, after the lecture, I noticed that the pain in my fingers were gone. I didn't have any pain. I've been in pain for a long time. Still I don't feel anything."


"My balance is poor and I hope the training will make it better."


Angelica Berg