Hold Qi up Kungsängen [2007-01-27]

The course was kept in wonderful winter weather in the entrance room to Peter Marions Tooth Clinic in Tibble centre. The entrance room also serves as the normal training hall for the Thursday training in Kungsängen.

The students worked with great enthusiasm. Ildiko demonstrated all movements and Lotta supplied us with tea and home baked cookies, something that was really appreciated.

These are the participants own words:

Qigong helps me to maintain self-control in everyday activities.

My knee that has been injured and paralyzed in athletics has improved so much so I can walk and run without problems.

My back has become much stronger since I started to practice.

I have had problems with my shoulder for some time due to a broken arm. I have visited a physiotherapist without any result. These movements feel good to my body and when I left the training hall on Sunday I had got rid of my pain.

When I came I had problems with pain in my shoulders. I also had difficulties to practice standing with my eyes closed. On Sunday I could put my feet together and close my eyes without problems. And after visiting the next Thursday training, my shoulders got much better.

I have sleeping problems and I am stressed. My goal is to calm down. My body is also very stiff. These movements seem to be what I need. And I don't feel tired after practicing.


Arne Nordgren