Hold Qi up Karis [2007-02-03]

The spring term in Finland started with a basic course in Karis in Västra Nylands folkhögskola. A mix of beginners and repeating participants gathered there to practice Hold Qi Up together. The mood was great and joyful in the school's dance hall, where the course was held. Many of the repeating students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to attend Zhineng Qigong courses regularly. They know that it is a good way to charge up on Qi and motivation.

After the course we received two emails from a participant who attended her third course this time and who suffers from a difficult congenital heart condition as well as diabetes. She was bubbling with joy over the good results she had gotten. On Monday she noticed that her weight, pulse, blood pressure and blood sugars had all improved. Not only she, but also her husband noticed already on Sunday how much more energy she has. She wrote: "He said he hasn't seen this much energy and joy in me in this century. He's seriously considering coming along for the next course."

From the participants' comments:

"I feel very good. I practice mostly for preventive reasons. I feel strengthened when practicing, and I can handle my job better."

"Practicing is good for my hip joints. I spend a lot of time sitting in my car and felt pain in my hips yesterday but they are better today."

Karis 070204

"It's great to attend courses, be in the Qi field and get new energy."

"Winter is not my season. I get depressed. I attended a course a year ago, but I didn't keep up the practice. It's great to be here. I feel more alert and calmer."

"I feel like all my joints have been lubricated. This morning I realized I could put on my socks standing up and today when I had dropped something on the floor, I could bend more naturally using all my joints instead of just my back, as before."

"In the first course my joints hurt a lot since I had stopped smoking. I used to smoke a lot. But the pain disappeared completely. I have definitely needed to attend courses and group practice. If I don't practice I immediately get more stiff. When I practice my body is softer and more flexible."

"I'm sensitive to any form of energy, but I recently realized that I can work all day without having to switch my computer off. I haven't been able to do that before. I sleep better and calmer. I enjoy practicing both at home and at group practice."

"It's great that these courses exist."


Jeanette Heidenberg