Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2007-01-27]

On the first Gothenburg Weekend Course of the season the participants seemed cheerful. The weekend passed calmly and peacefully and there was time for a lot of training. It is uplifting to take part in organizing the courses when one finds just how much they are appreciated by our participants. There was great interest in the Summer Courses which are the best courses we have to offer and which are therefore the most highly appreciated of our courses.

Gbg HQU Jan 2007

Comments among participants

Practised for many years

"I've practised for rather many years by now but I join as many Weekend Courses as possible because I benefit so much from it".

A magical experience

"This was my third Weekend Course. For the last month I haven't had the discipline to practise, and this had a very negative result. When I laid aside Qigong I lost all my power. I realized that this was the most useless thing I could have done. Before I was very disciplined and I've practised every day and that was incredibly nice. On the lecture this issue of distracting thoughts was illustrated and then I realized that that's the reason why I'm sitting here, namely to get rid of these disturbances. I have no physical complaints or pain but on the other hand a mind which can't find peace and quiet. There is an incredible difference in me now as compared to on last Friday. It's a magical experience to find this change made with two days of training".


Patrik Rastija