Shenxin Qigong Kungsängen [2007-01-20]

The weekend of the 20-21 Januaryx it was finally time for a Shenxin-course in Kungsängen. Kungsängen has during 10 years had a practicing group for Hold Qi up and a lot of those who participate in this group had found their way to the Shenxin-course this weekend. Several persons from Stockholm - that is on commute distance - and Gothenburg also participated in the course.

From now on, the Kungsängen group will practice both Hold Qi up and Shenxin Qigong together.

Below follows some of the participants' comments.

Shenxin Qigong in Kungsängen in January 2007

All muscles hurt

"When I started Shenxin Qigong all my muscles in the wole body hurt. Back then I thouht that practicing was a hard job. Today it feels comfortable. During the last relaxation I felt no pains at all. It almost makes me cry. It was wonderful. Other than that I get childishly alert by practicing Shenxin Qigong."

Poor sleep

"I have not slept so well during the past week mostly due to a reorganisation at my work, but after one day of Shenxin I felt very good. I slept well and woke fully rested at 5 in the morning!"

Calm and nice

"The course was very calm and nice the whole time. It makes you feel happy. I feel much more supple than before the course."


"I participate in the practicing group on thursdays in Kungsängen and that feels very good. But I get stressed real easy, so by the time I got here I was all wound up and wondered how things would go. However, the atmosphere was so calm that it helped me to wind down, so now I feel both calm and happy."

Supple shoulders and pain-free hips

"I have practiced Qigong for many years and participated in 7 summer courses. I felt that I had gotten a little fed up with Hold Qi up and needed a new exercise. Shenxin Qigong really surprised me! My shoulders got much more supple. Before we practiced I made a wish that my aching pain in my hips would disappear, and it actually did disappear during the exercise and didn't come back!"

Pet allergy

"I started to practice Shenxin Qigong a couple of years ago and my pet allergy disappeared completely after that. In the beginning I was less troubled by it directly ater practicing the exercise, but eventually disappeared completely. It has been a calm and pleasant course."

Deeper and more interesting

"Shenxin Qigong is my favourite exercise. I have noticed that the more you practice the more interesting it gets. The best thing that happened to me during the weekend is that I can squat down deeper. I really look forward to the winter course now."

After the course we got one more comment:


"I've always been a stressful person, but during the week after the course I've been able to relax in another way. I feel calmer and have done several things that I normally don't have the strength to do."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen