Summer course training Stockholm [2007-01-04]

The year 2007 started, as usually, with a four-day training course during the Epiphany weekend. The course was available to those who have joined at least a summer course or a project. Over 80 Qigong-lovers, strongly motivated, meet this year in the centre of Stockholm to practice together in a strong Qi-feld. The course started with a lecture by Su Dongyue. He talked e.g. about the importance to make the purpose clear to why we practice, to continuously build up the confidence from our own, and other peoples, experiences. He also talked about how important it is to practice. We practice in all circumstances, not only from doing physical movements.

4-dgrs 2007

Many of the perticipants tell their experiences in Personal stories. Here follows some comments from the course.

Asthma and allergy

"I have suffered from pollen allergy but it does not disturb me anymore because of my training. It has been good for me to be corrected. During the course I have worked a lot with relaxation. Currently I am relaxed at a deeper level than before."

"My asthma and allergy do not bother me anymore. I am very thankful for this."

Mental improvements

"I feel better now in my shoulders, my back and other places. However, most important to me are the mental improvements I have experienced. Previously I was not able to speak in public. It was completely inconceivable that I would work as a teacher, my current occupation."

"I am most happy for the mental improvements I experienced during the course. Wherever I go I feel safe and comfortable among all those nice people. I do not need to think about it. People are just there. That is the way qigong is. It is wonderful."

"I see Qigong as a friend in everyday life. It feels good to have a friend I can always rely on."

"The mental training is most important to me. Training Qigong has taught me "I will fix this" and this attitude has helped me to cope with a disease that could not be cured according to the doctors. Thanks to Qigong I had the courage to start taking own initiatives. This and my confidence in Qigong are the main reasons why I am where I am today. Qigong has helped me tremendously."

Frozen shoulders

"I joined the very first project that was arranged and by then I was not feeling well at all. I suffered from asthma & allergy and even other problems. After the project I felt very well. But I also had a frozen should. I was advised to retire at an early age but tried to work as good as I could. Suddenly a friend of mine noticed that I was able to nail a whole day without getting tired. My shoulder is all right now because of Qigong. Qigong also generated a lot of other things but this was the clearest example for me. It has been a good course. Despite the fact that I have trained for a long time new things happen all the time."

Back problems

"I started training Qigong after a demanding surgery in my back. The timing was excellent. Qigong has been a great help to me."

"I had a problem with my back, was stressed and depressed when I started to train. Everything is much better now. It is interesting to see that one can develop his or her potential by training. During the Autumn I have worked very much and travelled a lot for my work, but I can deal with it in a good way. That would not have been the case before."


"I am struggling with my migraine, but I am feeling much better now. The attacks have grown milder step by step. When I came in yesterday I felt that a light attack was on its way but instead of giving up I became more and more motivated to keep standing up and train. Instead of laying down a some days in a row my migraine disappeared after just a couple of hours."

"I have managed to get rid of my depression and my migraine is much less severe as a consequence of the training. The days have been both nice and peaceful. Training here has also been very beneficial for my shoulder. I hurt my shoulder in an accident a couple of months ago. Because of Qigong my shoulder is more or less as usual again."

Stress and hypersensitivity

"I have problems with stress and have been very sensitive for noise and movements. In the beginning when I started training I had big problems with the breaks as the noise level increased significantly. But now I don't care anymore. I try to think positively when I train and I notice that it is easier to control my thoughts. I also noticed during the rest of my life that it is easier to be in command of my thoughts. Qigong has helped me with this. It has been fantastic to train during the last four days."


"Some years ago I was diagnosed MS, which means a lot of nasty things. It gets harder to walk, I became tired etc. When I listed to a lecture of Dong-Yue Su last summer he said: "Do not be ill" and "Do not identify with your disease." It struck me that this was a good way to look at things. I will not be ill. I will leave this behind me. Now I will get better and identify with healthy persons. It was an incredible feeling. It felt so good. I have lived according to this insight. My parent were amazed when they met me after the summer course as there was so much more life in me."

Weak legs

"I had the flu when I came and my legs were weak. When I walked my legs were rigid and I was concerned about their weakness. Today my legs are soft and feeling good. I walk much easier and it does not hurt that much. I feel I got back my legs. I am happy, very happy. I also train because of my asthma."


Lars Hagner