HQU 2 Stockholm [2006-12-02]

Many people defied the rage of Christmas markets and the celebration of first Advent. Instead they spend their weekend practicing enhanced Hold Qi Up. The message of Christmas, to share, goes well together with the philosophy of Qigong. Many of the participants, in an enhanced course, have been in our organisation for quite a long time. That can also be seen from the fact that even more of the students understand how important it is to come to a course focused on what they can contribute with to other people, a chance to give. An example is when we correct the movements together two and two. Or like one of the participants did, bring ginger bread with Qigong motives on. The course gives everybody a chance to help others, which is one of the reasons that we often can see good results.

Qipepparkakor 061203

From the participants comments:

"The course has been great, good to correct the movements. After lunch it has been very strong. I like the poem very much."

"Lately I've been very busy. I felt quite tired when I came here but I got focused fast again. I've heard many things before the information goes deeper. I've used the computer a lot and last week I got pain in my arm but it feels better now."

"This summer it was hard for me to find a routine for practicing so I quitted. Still my autumn has been good and I thought that I didn't need Qigong but then later I got stressed, sulky, got pain in my back and a higher blood pressure. I understood that I had to practice. There's a big differences when not practicing. It's great to bee back. I've felt very welcome here, with many gentle smiles – which make it easier to start again."

"This was my first course in enhanced Hold Qi Up. It has been strong. I can feel a difference from attending a basic course. I feel calm and strong. Last night I didn't sleep as much as usually. I feel energetic."

LUQ2 Sthlm 061203, korrigering

"I had pain in an arm when I came here. It feels better now. A couple of times every week I practice together with a friend. Practicing together makes a big difference. My husband enjoys that I practice."

"Five weeks ago I fell. My arm got dislocated and I hurt my foot. The doctor told to completely rest my shoulder for three weeks and then bee sick listed for two months. Two days after the accident I attended a course in ShenXin Qigong. Already at the course I could raise my arm over the head. My arm feels almost recovered now. It wouldn't have been possible without Qigong. Thank you very much!"


Lars Hagner