Hold Qi up Oslo [2006-11-25]

And so it was Oslo's turn to host a basic course in Hold Qi Up, and it proved to be a very Nordic course, with participants from Norway, Sweden and Finland. A new Oslo resident, a native Fin and a real Qigong lover, told us about how she has moved from her former living area to one better suited to her Qigong life. And so her present address is a little nearer to the training premises which, as she put it, makes it easier for her to join our Qi field. Others commented that the course was a very calm one (something much-needed).

Some comments by the participants

"I joined my first course and the weekend was a lot of fun".

"I believe it's six years since I joined my first course and nowadays I'm a completely different person. Never before has it worked as fine as it did today, or at least that's how it felt. My standing posture worked better, and my movements did too. What I'm absolutely sure of is that this is the first time I managed the knee bend with my eyes closed. I never could do that before, because that would've made me feel faint or like falling over, but this time I could. Thank you very much for that!"

Oslo HQU nov 06

"I've found what it does to me when I neglect the training, then I don't have this calm which I've got when I practise regularly. To me it has been particularly helpful against stress and restlessness. It has helped me cope with my everyday life and my work a little better. My blood pressure has improved. It was a good course and although I've practised for this long there still are things which have been clarified and sorted out, and I've learned new things".

"I have a head and neck injury and I've got rather a lot of improvements through the training. This weekend I could feel it very strongly and other things have shown up, so now it's a little difficult. But I think that those are very good things and then I think that maybe my body will improve even further".

"I have a work injury in my back and I've been to lots of various physical therapies, but it didn't get any better. But after the first Summer Course it disappeared and it has never returned. Other things have happened too, such as my body feeling lighter, and I feel better mentally".

"If it wasn't for this training I'd be much worse as a person than what I am now".

"By now I've practised for one year. I was looking for something that could help me get rid of my exhaustion depression. Qigong has helped me although there's still much left to do".

"I thought it was marvellous to be here today. I struggle with a serious disease and Qigong is very good for me. I don't know what I'd do without it since it's given me so very much".


Kate Ohlsson