Hold Qi up Karis [2006-11-25]

The last course in Finland for the season was held in Karis on November 25-26. A happy group of people had gathered in Västra Nylands Folkhögskola and warm laughter could be heard in the school's beautiful dance hall during the weekend. The beginners learned the movements quickly, especially thanks to the friendly help they got from their class mates.

From the participants' comments:

"I've been able to stand up all weekend. I hadn't thought I would manage that."

"This is my first course. I had heard about this from a friend. I feel very positive about this. I feel it's good for the tension in my neck."

"I have noticed that my headache and neck pain have improved. During the last year I haven't had to take as many pain killers for my headache."

Karis 0611

"This has been a positive experience. I will attend more courses and maybe try to get my husband to come along."

"Qigong gives me a lot, both mentally and physically. I'm more patient, limber and capable of handling stress and my balance has improved. Qigong has also helped me to quit smoking. I'm very proud of myself for that. I had been smoking for 10 years."

"I feel this course has given me so much, especially mentally. I feel calm."

"When I started to practice Qigong in August, I had pain in my shoulder. That pain is gone now."


Jeanette Heidenberg