Hold Qi up Kastlösa [2006-11-25]

Öland, the smallest region of Sweden and the fourth largest island of the Baltic Sea. The south part of the island has since a couple of years back, been appointed as a world heritage, because of it's unique environment. In this exiting part of the island, you will find the village Kastlösa, a wonderful place to practice qigong at! At the end of November it was time for the beginner's course, and eager participants came to the beautiful old school building. The atmosphere was warm and the good results came quickly. Two days of intense training wet the participants' appetite for more, even so for the beginners.

Kastlösa 061126, utomhus

From the participants comments:

"I came to Öland to visit an old friend and to try the method that has given him such good results. I have another friend back home in Stockholm who also got tremendous help of this method. Now I have some pain in my neck and the choice of method felt obvious. I've felt things happening in my neck during the course and I hope that will lead to god results for me as well."

"The cold I received the day before the course has almost disappeared during these two days, me that normally stay sick for a long time!. Qigong helps me a lot at work, I no longer worry to give lectures and I can handle to listen to peoples problems without getting stressed."

"Zhineng Qigong has slowly, but evenly, helped me to improve my health. Before when I was really sick, I had migraine 6 days out of a week. Now I can stay up most of the times, help out at home, and find the energy to think about more than how I feel. Another participant at this course hadn't seen me for a long time, she hardly recognized me, I looked so healthy!"

"I am curious and I have tried many methods. I have chosen this one because it feels so professional, everybody is being seen, the instructions and the results are clear. Two days before the course I got serious Ichias pain., but after the lecture I haven't had any problems, there where no problems to practice."

Kastlösa 061126, inomhus

"I found this course because of an article. I suffer from difficult Asthma and Allergy and I have come to the understanding that this can help me. The exercise affected me strongly right away. I will continue to practice and join the group trainings."

"The practice feels so right! I joined my first course a month ago. After that I've been practising every day. Many positive things have happened in this time. I am on sick leave because off stress, since over a year back. Now I feel like I have found my way back!"


Ellen Ehk