Hold Qi up Stockholm [2006-11-18]

The following e-mail was sent to us the Monday after the basic course in Hold Qi Up in Stockholm. We'll let the mail describe what a basic course can mean to a beginner: "Thanks for a wonderful basic course this weekend! Not until I came home I realised what I had been through. Since driving the tractor last year, when I hurt my neck, my neck hasn't been this relaxed. All trigger points in the neck are gone. The stiff muscle between the neck and the shoulder has never ever been this soft. Fantastic! I could write so much about the course. I'm so happy that I found it!"

Comments from the participants:

"I've practiced for 2.5 years. I started because of pain in my joint. I also suffer from rheumatism. Qigong has improved my physical health a lot but especially my mind functions better."

"The training has made me calmer and more harmonious. I have less disturbing thoughts and I'm more pleased with my body and mind."

"I'm new here and it has been an interesting weekend. I can feel that my blood circulation has improved. Usually I feel cold but now I've been warm."

"I have got many good results. E.g I don't have the same need for other people's confirmation. I was never happy with my achievements before. Now I'm much more pleased with myself and I don't care that much about what other people think about me."

"I have a light version of "DAMP and ADHD" etc. – I mean that it's hard for me to sit still. I'm much calmer now. I can sit down for a while and talk to people."

"I've never done any physical training before but I can feel that something is happening. I feel excited to live in my body. The training feels like a massage from inside."

"When I practiced I felt calmer and smarter."


Lars Hagner