HQU 2 Gothenburg [2006-10-28]

Hold Qi Up 2 gives increased knowledge of Hold Qi Up. The theoretical part develops your way of thinking and increases your ability to concentrate and relax while training, and in practical terms it consists of additions to the execution of Hold Qi Up which, put together, gives greater understadning of what Zhineng Qigong is about. Since all of the participants have previously joined some course with Hold Qi Up – Weekend Course or Summer Course – this will also allow time for a lot of training and for using the new knowledge – practically and mentaly. The increased ability to relax allowed the participants to feel Qi much more clearly, and as a result people felt that the training was very strong.

LUQ 2 Gbg 1

Some comments by participants

"A wonderful course. Thank you!!"

LUQ 2 Gbg 2

"I joined my first Weekend Course two years ago and this course was marvellous. It was a very good thing to have some more theory, that gave me so much more it's incredible".

"It's good to be reminded of the importance of relaxation and how it may feel to do the training if you do it the right way".


Patrik Rastija