Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2006-11-11]

When Gothenburg had its last Weekend Course of the year a lot of people joined the weekend's training and its Qi field. There was a delightfully relaxed feeling about the course. On Sunday our country celebrated Father's Day, but there were still many fathers present – or maybe that was the very reason why they were here. What other Father's Day gift could compare to the benefit of refilling your Qi supply? as someone put it.

MS and sense of balance

"I am a rather fresh MS patient and I thought I had to find some way of counter that. I wish to tell you about one rather clear thing that happened to me during the weekend. Before I came here I knew that I'd not be able to keep my eyes closed. At the Friday lecture I even asked to make sure it wasn't an absolute requirement because then I wouldn't have been able to join. One of the first things the course leader said was that we should close our eyes slowly. I thought to myself that I wouldn't be able to do this, but as it turned out I managed to do it, without falling over. So you might say that I got a taste for more of this".

Ulcerous Cholitis

"I thought it was very nice. I actually came here because I suffer from Ulcerous Cholitis. I thought I was in a worse state than I was and I was very happy to find see that this worked so well. I have been feeling Qi very much and it was nice".

Gbg HQU nov 06


"This weekend I have experienced something new. I had a cold which I thought was getting better, but after Saturday I coughed all evening and all through the night. Today when I woke up it was so much better, but in the afternoon that cough returned. But now it feels much better. It went away and all the phlegm in my windpipes has disappeared, and that was a new experience".

Stiff body

"The right side of my body is very stiff. Yesterday when I came home my body felt very light, it was almost as though I walked on air and last night I slept very well. This morning when I got up from bed my body wasn't at all as stiff as it usually is".

Slipped disc

"About a year ago my daughter Anna started to nag at me. I thought I was too old – she nagged even more etc. At last I came here, I have been on one course before this one. I know that I have improved so much in this time (one year), but it's partly due to Anna too, because she has been at my home, nagging at me and putting the record on. Now I've got going and, as a matter of fact, nearly every day I do my training following the record and I get happier and more healthy each time. I have this slipped disc in my back and that's a nuisance, but I feel much better now and that's actually thanks to this Qigong. It's quite wonderful. Today it's Father's Day, and can you guess what I got? Yes, I got the next CD from Anna. So now I'll follow that one as well, so I hope that she'll come home and correct me a little. It's fantastic. Thank you".

Stomach- and back problems

"I used to have rather a lot of trouble with my stomach and my back was very strange after an injury to it 26 years ago. I would very easily get lumbago. One example of this is one occasion when I lay in my bed watching TV and there was this sudden bang in my back. I wouldn't say that I had exerted myself and I didn't have to. I remember that since I started doing Zhineng Qigong I haven't had any such problems with my back. Walking about with your vacuum cleaner isn't a big deal you might think, but before all it took was for me to do a little bit of house cleaning for my back to be affected really badly".

Depression and anxiety

"I started to practise Zhineng Qigong because I had a lot of depression and anxiety, of a very severe kind. I have practised a little almost daily and I think this is the greatest psychotherapy there is. It's the only one for me, because all else have failed".

Sense of harmony and balance

"I attend this course in order to uphold my personal morals and I think it makes me a balanced and harmonious person. Above all I've found that it's easier for me to concentrate, being otherwise a restless kind of person. I've improved my ability to discriminate between experiences and thoughts, and the quality of what I absorb is better".

Short-term recall

"My short-term recall has improved. That isn't something you find out just like that. For instance when I programme the video with these codes, now there can be many digits to some of those codes. Before I'd have to check them much more carefully than I need to now. Maybe that's not such a big thing, but it's a sign that things are moving in the right direction".

Nice training

"Every morning between bed and coffee I practise. It's great, it's very nice and I can heartily recommend it. On every Weekend Course I'm equally surprised over the fact that my body needs correction and I can't quite understand why. It feels very good when I do those corrections. This is a darn nice kind of movement which I intend to continue doing".


Kate Ohlsson