Hold Qi up Norwich [2006-11-04]

Our second basic course in "Hold Qi Up" in Norwich, England, has now taken place. Last course in Norwich everybody except one, who had participated in a summer course in Kvanum, was a beginner. This time many people repeated the course as Qigong turned out to bee a valuable tool in their life. They also inspired other people who now attended their first course.

Also great with the young people participated in the course. The youngest was only ten years old. The curiosity and the will to learn Zhineng Qigong was great. After the course the participants decided to practice together once a week to help and support each other.

Comments from the participants

"Since the course in May, I've practiced almost every day. From being easily stressed and a bit hysterical to now being a person who can keep calm much better. Before I wasn't fond of physical contact but now I like hugging and it's easier for me to like other people."

"This morning I woke up before the alarm, a record for me as I'm usually very tired in the mornings."

"My movements have been very shaky before and it has been hard for me to keep the posture with the arms for example. Now I feel much stronger and happier."

"There's a big difference in how I feel when I practice regularly compared to when I don't."

"Friday, my daughters, who participates in this course, were quiet and low. Yesterday evening, after the course, they had a lot of energy and were very happy."

"When I practice I feel healthier and stronger in my body. Qigong has changed my life."

"I feel more present in myself. Usually I feel tired but now I feel very energetic. Yesterday when I came home I cleaned the house."

"The course was very well organised. Yesterday evening, when I came home, I was full of energy and love and I called to my friends to spread my happiness.


Fatima Ringvall