Hold Qi up Vasa [2006-11-11]

There was a silent fall of snow outside the window of Sundom Youth Association's house, where we had our third course in Vasa, November 11-12. It was a curious and interested group of people who learned Hold Qi Up together. The atmosphere was warm and during the course we got to share many happy laughs. The participants especially appreciated the caring expressed for each other.

From the participants comments:

"I can't say exactly what I have gained, but I feel I'll continue to practice. I'm getting older and I want to keep alert. I'm going to try to start a new life."

"I was trying out asthma medicines when I started with Qigong. They often had serious side effects. When I last saw my doctor, he told me I don't have asthma any longer. After six months of practicing I could start eating dairy products and my lactose intolerance is 99 per cent gone. Since I started practicing I haven't had a single migraine attack. Before, I used to have two serious attacks a year, when I was completely disabled. I've had great improvements in my neck area. I'm a painter, but it was difficult for me to paint ceilings without pain. Now I can paint ceilings without any problems. Using Qi-regulation, I can stop my allergic reactions."

"I have a problem with my lungs, which affects my stamina. I haven't been able to ride a bike without loosing my breath and panting like an old woman. I used to have to stop and rest every now and then. After the summer course my husband and I went to the beach by bike and I could ride my bike as fast as he could, without any problems. I also sleep much better now. Before, it could take me two hours to fall asleep, but now I can fall asleep in 15 minutes."

"I read about this in the paper and got interested. I don't sleep very well. I wanted to try something other than just going to the gym and exercising. I wanted to find inner calm and to get more Qi. I feel calm, relaxed and tired in a good way."

"I used to be very cold, especially my hands and feet. I almost had to wear gloves indoors. Since I started to practice Qigong I'm warmer and I don't get as cold as before."

"Inside I feel light."


Jeanette Heidenberg