TuiNa , Wei Tuo Jin Stockholm [2006-11-02]

It was a positive group of persons that joined the courses in acupoint TuiNa and Wei Tuo Jin. They were very talkative and we could see a lot of smiles all around during the four days of the course. The participants got new insights and other good results. Some of their comments follows below.


"It's a lot of fun to practice Wei Tuo Jin."

The participants try out TuiNa on each other


"When I was looking forward to the course I thought that TuiNa would be the most interesting part. And I will definitely continue to work with that. But Wei Tuo Jin made a big impression. During the summercourses and the weekendcourse in Shenxin I have felt that the circulation in my head have increased. But now I can feel much more in my head, as it has gone deeper than my previous Qigong training. It feels great."


"Qigong is quite new to me. This feels like a powerful method. My body feels warm and I have rediscovered muscles that I had forgotten."


"The things that I learned during te TuiNa course will enrich my other Qigong training. Wei Tuo Jin feels very powerful."


"I had pains in my arm due to the cold weather but after a day of TuiNa the arm feels good again. Yesterday I fell and hurt my knee but Wei Tuo Jin has worked out well for me anyway today."


"Both TuiNa and Wei Tuo Jin feels fantastic! I can feel that it's strengthening my back. Usually I don't sleep very much since my bad back wakes me up. After one day of Wei Tuo Jin (and a little TuiNa) I slept very well, a little longer than usual, and didn't have any pains at all in my back when I woke up!"

Powerful and great feeling

"I'll keep on practising Wei Tuo Jin. My shoulders and my back are softer after the course. It's an amazingly powerful training. It's a great feeling."

Wei Tuo Jin in Stockholm 2006-10

Shoulder, neck and back

"During a TuiNa treatment a stiff point in my shoulder/neck disappeared. I can move ny head more than just a few days ago. It feels great but I haven't really understood it yet. Wei Tuo Jin feels great for my back. The back feels more upright. I don't have to think that much about keeping the back straight, to sit down with the back straight etc. It happens automatically. I'm very happy that I've attended the course. "

Stiff shoulder

"One of my shoulders is very stiff, it feels like it's almost dead. But during Wei Tuo Jin the feeling has started to return, as if it's alive again. The courses has wet my appetite."


"When I practice Wei Tuo Jin I feel stronger, both mentally and physically. If I know that I have to do someting that demands more physical or mental strength I usually practice Wei Tuo Jin before I do it."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen