Hold Qi up Kalmar [2006-10-28]

The expected storm, only turned out to be a normal Autumn storm, so the participants had no problems, traveling to the course in Nybro. The rough weather did not effect the warm and harmonious feeling that quickly spred in the course. The learning process went easely and the weekend passed more quickely than expected. The course contributed to an increased understanding of how our lifequality can be influenced by the way we use both mind and body. This was highly appreciated both by the beginners as well as by more experienced participants.

From the participants comments:

"I became ill from stress, one and a half years ago. Last week something happend, that made me feel even worse. Then I rememberd the phonenumber I got from a Zineng Qigong poster. I called, and there was room for me at the course. My partner came along, and it felt so good, like coming home. I've slept so good, something that I normally don't, and my body has felt softer in the mornings!"

"Qigong has helped me tremendously, I understand now, in what bad condition I was when i started to practise qigong. My life is different now, better! I have the energy to work, I'm happier and more harmonious. I'm a nicer person, something my family appreciates."

"This was my first course and I've learn't something important, to never give up! I can! That is an insight that i carry now. I will continue to practice and join the group trainings."

"In my line of work, I meet a lot of people, it's important to listen and show them respect. I am responsible for 45 co-workers and they are able to come to me for support when they experience problems. At that time I have to stay calm and to think clear. Zhineng Qigong, is a help for me to be able to do that. If I feel stressed after work, I practice and become calm again."

"I can handle much more today, then I coul'd before I started to practice this method. I can speak in front of a group, tolerate stress better, and I don't worry as much. My situation at work is very stressed. I try not to worry about it, and I feel safe, because I have Zhineng Qigong, I know that the training will help me do what I have to do."

"I found this method at a difficult period of my life. I feel happier now, stronger!"

"I started to practice when I became retired. I was looking for something to help me preserve my health. I stopped training for a while, but immediatly noticed that my helth worsened, so no i practice well again. In a short period of time I've experienced several deaths in my family, Zhineng Qigong became a support for me, I could handle the situation with calm."


Lars Hagner