Shenxin Qigong Pargas [2006-10-28]

The Shenxin course in Pargas took place in the breaking point between fall and winter, the weekend we changed from daylight savings time. There was also some wind and rain. However, this did in no way dampen the mood in the course. Already in the lecture on Friday night before the course, the participants felt happy and in a good mood. During the course, the participants felt really warm from all the Qi and many noted great improvements in their health.

Below are some of the participants' comments.


"I have never practiced Qigong before and found it difficult to stand with my feet together. But already the second time we tried it, it felt perfect! I was very relaxed. Last night I slept better than I can remember ever having done before. It was really nice and a bit of a positive surprise. I hope to get some help with my high blood pressure, which no medicines can cure."


"I felt reluctant about participating in the course, since I've had a really painful headache all week. I did finally come here and my headache disappeared after just a short time. Now I have a nice, buzzing feeling in my body."

Shenxin in Pargas October 2006

Stiff shoulders

"This is the first time I try out Qigong. I work in IT and sit at my monitor and keyboard all day. Before the course, I could hear a crunch when I rolled my shoulders, but now, after the course, I only hear a plop. I'll maybe attend more courses."


"I've practiced Qigong for a while, but not Shenxin Qigong. I'm much better now, but I feel that Shenxin will give me more strength in my back."

Happy and Alert

"Practicing Qigong always makes me happy. I've finally made a habit of practicing every day, which feels very good. I've taken up my studies again, and it's much easier for me to study when I practice."

Physically and Mentally

"I've practiced Qigong since 1999, but I've not attended any summer or winter courses. I still feel I've come far. I've had huge problems with my neck but they are more or less completely gone. Lately I've noticed a major mental difference. Before, little things could get me down. I would take my bad mood out on my family. Even though this winter has been eventful, I've been able to keep my calm. I don't get as angry any more and I can more easily understand what I can and cannot influence. I'm so content and I will continue to practice Qigong for as long as I will be able to stand up - or sit down!"

Lump on Neck

"Some time ago, I noticed a lump on my neck, but I tried my best to not think too much about it. As soon as I got to the lecture, I could feel something in my neck and after a while something started to work on my lump. After the lecture, my neck was much better. During the course it has continued to work and now, after the course, the lump is almost completely gone!"

Dislocated Shoulder and Twisted Foot

"I consider myself a Qigong enthusiast. But still I managed to bolt out of bed during a bad dream just to hurt my foot and dislocate my shoulder! This happened on Thursday. The doctor put me on sick leave for a month. I wasn't allowed to move my arm for three weeks and I would have to walk with a crutch for two weeks. Instead I came here. Now I can lift my arm over my head - something my doctor said I was under no circumstance allowed to try - and my foot is much better even though I've been standing on it for two days. I'm very grateful for having found Qigong and for not having to feel so helpless!"


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen