Hold Qi up Helsingborg [2006-10-21]

Helsingborg met up with a lovely autumn weather, the roses were still in full bloom and it was really nice to be out walking in the lovely surroundings. But since it was more than a year since last course, the training was more important than the weather.

A small group gathered in the building owned by "Röda Korset" early in the Saturday morning. It was a mix of beginners and experienced participants and as usual the new students got very good support from those repeating.

This is what the participants told us:

I have earlier practiced yoga but I got pain in my body from that. I liked this course; I felt harmony, well balanced and concentrated. On Sunday afternoon I felt a big difference compared to Saturday morning when I was stiff and untrained.

I have had problems and been on the sick-list for three years due to fibromyalgia. I even had difficulties to talk and eat. My acupuncturist recommended me to start to practise Zhineng Qigong. I practise about 15 minutes every morning and evening. I still have some pain in my lower arms and sometimes my fingers don't want to obey. But I have been on work training for a month now and as everything felt ok I shall start to work full time again. I have kept my contact with my acupuncturist and I still visit him once or twice a year.

I felt completely worked out and tired after my pension and I felt that I wanted to live many more years and still feel good. So I started to practice Qigong. Today I am 72 and still alert. I am happy that I joined the course and I have had many valuable corrections to my movements. It has been a wonderful weekend.


Arne Nordgren