Hold Qi up Helsinki [2006-10-21]

Helsinki received us with proper autumn weather. At times the rain was pouring down from the roof along the large windows of Brändö High School's gymnasium, where we held our basic course in Hold Qi Up. The practice group in Helsinki practices in the school every Monday evening, open to anyone who has attended at least one basic course in Hold Qi Up. The atmosphere in the course was high and the warm laughs many.

From the participants' comments:

" This is my seventh or eighth course in three years. When came I had problems with my shoulder and my range of motion was limited. I practiced every night for a month. Suddenly I realized the pain was gone."

" I was scheduled to have surgery on my shoulder, since physiotherapy hadn't helped. But instead I was completely healed through Qigong practice. I had diabetes, but after having practiced for a while, the doctors said it was gone. The mental part has still been the most important one, to find that calm in myself and the connection above. Everyone has been so nice to me."

" I started practicing two years ago and then I had really difficult back problems. Qigong was going to be one of the items on my list of things I had tried that hadn't helped. The teacher challenged me to practice every day for two months. I did that, mostly just to prove him wrong. Normally, I would sleep only four hours each night because of the pain in my back. When I practiced, I would sleep better. Now my back has gradually healed."

" We've seen our daughter, and she's like a new girl now that she has practiced Qigong. We're very grateful! I've had rheumatic problems for some years in my shoulder and right wrist. I haven't even been able to spread butter on my bread, or cut cheese, but now, this morning it worked without any problems. My wrist has healed in just one day!"

" This is my second course. I have artificial hip joints and it's been difficult for me to stand up. In the first course I attended, I had no problems. I realized it's good for me to practice. This Friday I fell ill with lumbago. It feels like it's gone now. Qigong has helped me physically, but the major benefit is on the mental side. If you give, you will also get. All the people around me are much nicer now."

" I've had a lot of help from Qigong, both mentally and physically. The atmosphere is so joyful. It's easy for me to just be and I feel happy. I can't remember the last time I was angry. I practice every day."

" I'm clearer in the head and I slept better last night."

" I've practiced a bit over a year actively. I makes me well and more flexible. In August, after the course I could bake buns again. I haven't been able to do that for many years, since my joints have been so stiff."


Lars Hagner