Hold Qi up Trondheim [2006-09-23]

The Trondheim Weekend Course was a nice and quiet one. It was also nice to find that those who joined the previous Weekend Course also joined this one. They have understood the importance of practising in the Qi field and that you have not learned everything on a Weekend Course if you wish to develop yourself with Qigong. But improvements and results can come very quickly if you practise daily and join the Qi field as often as you can.

Comments by the participants

"I'm very glad that my friend had me join this course. I usually have rather a lot of pain in my stomach and today that's gone. Another thing is that yesterday I got so much energy that I haven't slept last night. Thank you!"

"I joined my first course about six months ago and this is my second one. I'm convinced that practising Qigong, which we are learning here, improves your general state of health and the way you feel in your daily life. Thank you!"


Patrik Rastija