Hold Qi up Vara [2006-10-21]

The Vara Weekend Course was held at Folkhögskolan which featured nice premises and it was practical since some people had travelled from Karlstad to join the course, and this ment that they were able to stay over night at a very short distance from the place. The course had a warm, very happy feeling about it as well as pleasant company, with a lot of time for practising.

Comments made by the participants

"I'm so pleased with the weekend and I'm glad that we came here. The funny thing is that yesterday it was very difficult to raise my arms above my head and today it was very easy. But what I find the most extraordinary is that my friend had managed the entire weekend without crying, because normally she would have cried all the time".

Fits of crying, after effects of a car accident

"This was so awesome! I have feet – I'm able to STAND properly on my feet, I have legs and a backside and I'm able to raise my arms both forward and backward! Yesterday by lunch time already my walking was quite different and I could swing my hips for the first time in many years. My body has been very stiff due to a car accident in my fifteens, causing me severe injury. Since then I've had a lot of pain. I came here with an open mind and so much has happened. Just the fact that I'm able to talk without crying – after the accident I had a brain haemorrhage and since then I always cry over nothing, not because I'm sad, but I haven't been able to control my emotions – it doesn't matter whether I'm angry or happy or whatever. But in this entire weekend I've cried only one little bit, and that's amazing. I'm so glad that I came here. I'm back, with a vengeance!"

Summer Course, allergy and stiff shoulders

"I joined the 2005 Summer Course and at that time my shoulders were stiff, I couldn't raise my left arm and I suffered form allergy. After the course I managed to get my arm up behind my back and I could raise it above my head, and I quit the allergy drug treatment. Also my heart rate and blood pressure was reduced and it has kept that way. Last Autumn I had a relapse with pain in my shoulder, but I hadn't kept my training regular. I have to promise myself that I'll keep a regular training schedule from now on – apart from Wednesday when we practise together. It was nice to get a restart with this Weekend Course".

Stamina, sleep and depression

"Since the last Weekend Course I've been feeling more energetic, I've had more stamina and have been able to extend my working hours. The course was good for "touching up" the movements and to get a thorough restart after the Summer".

"I suffer from the burn-out syndrome and exhaustion depression. Nowadays I get much better sleep, my digestion system works much better and more regularly, I can manage more and I don't feel so depressed anymore. It was a very nice weekend".

Facial neuralgia

"On this course I've been having these tickling, buzzing and burning sensations in my head and on my back. There are always lots of things like that happening on the courses and I get better. I think I can get completely recovered".


Elisabeth Öberg