Hold Qi up Kungsbacka [2006-10-14]

This year's course in Kungsbacka consisted of a well-mixed group. As usual there were both new participants and those who have practised for a long time, some of them also having joined Summer Courses. But the course also featured a variety and range of age which is perhaps less common. This weekend's youngest participant was nine years old and she was accompanied by her mum. But we also had three generations of one family: teenager, mother and grandmother. On this weekend grandmother had her premiere. The results achieved by her daughter and granddaughter made her curious about what this training might do for her, and the rest of us wish her good luck and that she will also get fine results.

Kba okt 2006 1

Some opinions on the course

"I always repeat Weekend Courses because it gives me so much".

General well-being

"I had rather serious health problems and that has made me a bit of a searcher, and I was lucky to find this method. When I had joined my first Weekend Course I practised for 15 minutes a day. In three months I had my blood circulation going, my sinuses were cleansed and after that I started to attend the Evening Training in Kungsbacka. Also, my complexion is finer, and all those spots have disappeared. I am happier, I sleep better and I'm more focused. Still I practise only for 15 to 45 minutes daily and I enjoy this method very much".

"I think it's a good thing that there are movements, you have this flow to it and you get good rhythm into it. I can feel my breathing and my heart beat slowing down and that's relaxing. My flexibility has increased and I feel rather healthy in general".

Sense of balance

"I have never tried Qigong before and think it'll be exciting to try this training. I am a little surprised at my being able to stand still for this long, because I have some difficulty with my sense of balance".

Kba okt 2006 2

Improved immune system

"After my first Summer Course, the first thing I got rid of was my recurring colds. I used to catch really difficult, lengthy colds and now they are completely gone".

Mental training

"In my case there were mostly mental issues since I got the burn-out syndrome a number of years ago. I think it helped me very much, so I'll continue my training".

"I think people need to do something to relax. It's good to find something that works and you can practise this method daily".

Migraine and problems with the neck, back and shoulders

"I was run into from behind, I have collided with an elk and I have been hit in the face by a fireworks rocket, so my neck has received some rough treatment. I have worn out five physiotherapists and a bit of this and that. On this weekend I went through various phases such as a feeling of numbness, of steaming heat – there are loads of things happening. Sometimes I wonder how to raise my arms, but I managed to do it. It'll be exciting to see what happens and this method is like a last resort for me".

"A year ago when I started to practise I had this pain in my neck and shoulders, but now that's completely gone. I also suffered from migraine but that has grown less and less. I can't remember the last time I had an attack, and I used to get those a couple of times a month".

"I have quite a number of minor ailments such as a very poor back, and it has improved during my year of practice. I have suffered from a very difficult case of migraine for my whole life, since I was twelve, and that is as good as gone. This Qigong gives me a general sense of well-being, above all because my body is more supple and I'm able to move. I will continue with Qigong.

"I started to practise because my shoulders were so painful and I had a lot of headaches. It has improved a little but I guess my training hasn't been that regular. On this weekend some things have happened, I can feel it starting and there is some relief. There is warmth and circulation. I join the Evening Training and it's very nice. The night after that I get very good sleep".


Kate Ohlsson