Hold Qi up Mariehamn [2006-10-07]

Despite some heavy showers during our course weekend, fall hasn't really reached Åland yet. The outdoor temperature was high for this time of year and inside the training hall there was plenty of human warmth. Many new students come to the courses because they have acquaintances that are feeling so much better. They know they will be cared for, both in the course and at the group practice. They know that by training Qigong they can really achieve results and that they can have many happy laughs together, despite their ailments. This was the case also this time; the atmosphere was good both for new and returning students.

From the participants' comments:

"I took my first basic course in February. This is my second course. After the first course, my husband and I went out walking the dog, and it was so strange. I hardly dared tell my husband. My bad back pain wasn't there any longer, it was completely gone! I have two worn down discs and a planned operation. I have kept on practicing and I haven't had any pain in my back. So we will cancel that operation."

"I've practiced Qigong for two years now and my shoulders are much softer. The practice gives me the strength to handle everything in life better."

"I used to have difficult problems with pain in my neck and shoulders as well as headaches. I've invested a fortune in different treatments: physiotherapy, naprapaths etc. Nowadays, I'm a lot better and when I do have pain I rather practice Qigong than take a pain killer. Practicing works so much better."

Mariehamn LUQ 061008

"I've practiced Qigong for a few years. I used to have difficult pain in my back after an accident. For me, the improvement hasn't been miraculous, but rather a long process where I've seen gradual improvement. I still decided to practice, because I heard that so many others had seen good results. Today, the pain in my back is almost completely gone and if I do have pain, I don't worry. I know I can practice to make it go away. But what's more important is that I'm much happier and more content now."

"I've had an enormous help from Qigong with my rheumatic problems. I used to go out for a walk for about a kilometer every day to keep fit. It used to take quite a long time, because I used to have to stop and rest at least three times during the walk. When I got back from this year's nine-day course I took my usual walk. Afterwards, I felt something had been different about the walk, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Finally, I realized that I hadn't needed to rest at all during the walk. I increased the distance and walked 1.5 km for a weak. Then I increased to 2 km and now I've reached 2.5, which is the distance I used to walk before I took ill. I can walk easily and keep a good pace. I met a man, whom I usually meet during my walks and he told me he almost didn't recognize me. I had been walking so fast and he's used to seeing me struggling my way slowly."

"This is my first course. I've had a lot of pain in my left knee for some time. I've had three cortisone shots, but they only help temporarily. Yesterday, during practice, the pain disappeared! I could walk back from the grocery store and walking felt easy. I also noticed that my posture is better since I don't have to protect my knee when I walk."

"I'm a beginner and I was thinking about whether I have any physical ailments, but I don't really. I usually wake up at 3 a.m., though, and can't sleep for a couple of hours. This has been going on for several years. But not last night, then I slept well all night!"


Lars Hagner