Hold Qi up Bollnäs [2006-09-30]

The beautiful folk high school in Bollnäs hosted us once again for a basic course in Hold Qi Up, in the turn of the month September/October. The environment contributed to create the warm and calm atmosphere, which characterize our courses in Bollnäs. As usual many people repeated the course, a great help for the beginners.

Comments from the participants:

"My body is softer now. It feels good."

"I'm so relaxed. I've got a new life since I started to practice Qigong. I feel mentally much better. My husband also appreciate that I practice Qigong.

Bollnäs LUQ 061001

"I'm much more in balance mentally and I barely feel my asthma. I can handle my and my husband's diseases and misfortunes with more calm. I sleep well without disturbance."

"I learn new things all the time. Qigong makes me calm and motivates me to keep on practicing."

"It feels very exiting with Qigong. As I'm a beginner the course has been very tumbling. I feel softer in my body and today, already, I can stand better with my feet than yesterday. This feels like the beginning of something new."

"Zhineng Qigong is for me like a journey that I hope will never end. I recommend everybody to join a summer course as that made me motivated to practice regularly. I don't take my ailment that seriously anymore and I can notice that a lot happens mentally."


Lars Hagner