Hold Qi up Karlstad [2006-09-23]

The participants' shining faces rivalled the Karlstad sun by the end of the course. Many of the participants thought there was a good mood, a nice and inspirational weekend with new and seasoned participants joining the Karlstad course. With bravery and fighting spirit many of them struggled through the course in spite of their long-term illnesses. Some of them were surprised at the fact that they were able to attend the course and that they could execute the movements against all odds. The good results were inspiring and gave a taste for more, and so the rather recently launched training group in Väse will have some new additions. Training will also be held in Karlstad at "Karolinen", which was good news to those living in the area. Karlstad 1 HQU sept 06

Comments by some of the participants:

Strength and stamina

"I suffer from a disease called "takayasu" and I'm on cytotoxic drugs. I was able to join the course today and actually do the entire program. Before I couldn't raise my arms because I didn't have any strength in them. I have received home help and until not long ago I was bed-ridden for two years in a row and then I received help with everything. I feel the strain of the course, but I'm so grateful for having been able to do all the movements and that's great progress, I think. I think that this training will help me".

Improved vision

"I felt some things during these days. My eyeglasses are rather strong and yesterday I noticed that I was able to put away the eyeglasses and see things much more clearly. Today I have hardly used them at all. I'll continue to practise this evening already. It was a very good course, so I'm very pleased with it".

Karlstad 2 HQU sept 06

MS, sense of balance and fatigue

"I suffer form MS and my legs tend to tire if I stand a lot. But it worked rather well anyhow, better than I had expected. Yesterday when I come home after the course I was very energetic and today I found that I haven't been as tired as I usually am at this time of the day. I usually want to go and get some sleep, but I haven't felt like that today. It was interesting and positive".

"I suffer from MS, which I got in 1985. I have improved my poor sense of balance with the practice of Zhineng Qigong and I think I have improved. Now I'm actually able to close my eyes for a little while and yet stand still. My body is also a little more supple and everybody says that they can see the difference. I'd like to thank you for all the training and all the corrections".


I have insomnia and back problems and I think that will improve. Currently I see a chiropractor, and if this method helps me, maybe I can make him lose his job. I think this seems to be a good thing. Today I wasn't as tired as before. Also, maybe it was a little easier to sleep yesterday than usual".

Back and shoulders

"I joined a course in Gothenburg six months ago. At that time one of my shoulders had been hurting for a year, but that was completely recovered after that weekend and now it's completely OK. Before the course I had been seeing a chiropractor for my shoulder, but I didn't recover by that".

Physically more flexible and agile

"I guess I don't have any major problems, but I think my body feels a little more supple than before. I don't generally get any soreness like I did before when I'd do anything out of the ordinary, and that's a positive thing".

"I have practised since last Spring and I have some problems with my fingers – it's arthrosis. I try to practise a little and I think it may help in the long run. These movements really feel nice and comfortable and I'm physically much more fit. And I don't take so much anti-inflammatory drugs for my arthrosis as I did before. I get better and I feel better when I practise. Thank you".


Kate Ohlsson