Hold Qi up Västerås [2006-09-30]

The basic course in Västerås took place in the end of September/beginning of October. Many of the beginners attended the course because they had been inspired by other people's good results from practicing Zhineng Qigong. All laughter and happy people are also reasons for joining the courses. The beginners learned the movements fast which made it possible to practice a lot. The course will be followed by weekly training, a possibility for the participants to join a strong Qi-feld.

Västerås September/Oktober 2006

Comments from the participants

"I found Zhineng Qigong from reading the article about Maria in Må Bra. I have problems with asthma and I thought that if the training was good for her then it might be helpful for me as well. My brother paid the course because he thought it would be good for me and that I want to thank him for. When I'm in a Qi-feld I can reduce my asthma-medicine."

"Today I've felt warm. Usually I feel cold. I guess that the circulation works better now."

"I've had pain in my neck since the summer and Friday I had an emergency treatment. I thought I wouldn't manage to be here this weekend but it has worked well."

"In the beginning I was a bit skeptical as my mother had made me try many different things which hadn't helped me. Early I noticed that my asthma got better when I was in the Qi-feld. It also made me calmer. I can often notice good results. If I have problems with allergy and I practice for a while I can feel that the training has an effect."

"It's also good to see other people's results. Some people I see maybe only once a year and then it's good to see that they have made such progress. You can clearly see that the training makes people happier. They are more relaxed in their face."

"It's good to come to a course, to get more energy and to get the postures corrected. It's also great to meet all the nice people."

"I have the advantage to practice at my work. Even though not everybody practices they notice that the training is good for us."

"I've noticed that the training has been helpful for my sister; therefore I came to the course. I thought my body was flexible but now I know that I have a lot of things to work with. It feels like the movements train the whole body."


Angelica Berg