Hold Qi up Lund [2006-09-16]

This weekend's course in Lund was held at a recreation centre at the outskirts of Lund for the first time. The premises were well-kept and cosy, and the participants soon felt settled in the new surroundings. New participants joined the course, as is so often the case, to train away both physical pain and mental stress. There was an easy-going mood and the newcomers received good help from the more experienced participants in polishing their movements. Some were surprised at the fact that "so much can happen" and "that you can get all this sweaty" with these gently exercises. Time went by quickly as usual, soon the weekend had passed and we had learned the entire basic program.

Some viewpoints during this weekend's course:

"I happened to come to the Friday lecture and that inspired me again."

"I got my circulation going and my body got very warm when we did those arm movements."

"... The blood circulation and the Qi circulation in the shoulders are increased and that was very nice. To those of you who talked about stress: when I started doing Qigong seven or eight years ago I was very stressed out, but after some time you find that you don't get stressed out anymore. You become "cool" and easy-going, whatever happens, more or less. You are in control of your mind, to put it simply."

"I need both more Qi, lower the level of stress, get rid of rather a lot of frustration and anger, and tension mainly in the shoulder area, which has been lodged there for a rather long time. I have things to work on and I'm very glad that my colleague in Gothenburg tipped me about this course. I will join further courses and I'll do all I can to join the Evening Training. This felt very nice."

"I don't have any problems with pain or anything but it feels as if practising Qigong prevents such things from accumulating. So maybe I'll not get things like that."


Max Björkström