Hold Qi up Turku [2006-09-23]

In Turku, more and more have participated in our nine-day summer courses. This has increased their understanding of Zhineng Qigong, which can be seen by their wish to participate in the Qi-field in the courses we arrange. One effect of the many summer course participants repeating basic courses is that the new, less experienced students get a lot of help and support from the more experienced ones. This was the case in the basic course in Hold Qi Up in Turku on September 23-24. Many beginners participated, and so did some who haven't practiced for some years but wanted to get started again. After the course, almost everyone stated that they want to participate in the practice groups. They appreciate socializing and being given the opportunity to practice with others.

From the participants' comments:

"A year ago, my arm and leg went numb. I went to the doctor to get a cortisone shot, but the sent me to have an X-ray instead. Then they discovered that I have a congenital neck injury. That, in combination with the multiple times I've taken a fall when horse-back riding, would render me paralyzed within five years. They wanted me to have surgery and booked an operation, but then they realized that the operation would not be possible to perform. In May, I started rehabilitation and my range of motion and flexibility was tested. A friend recommended me to try Qigong. As I had already participated in a course many years earlier, I could participate in the practice group. Now my range of motion has improved from 20% to 40%. I can testify that it really pays of to practice. I feel the need to practice in a group."

Åbo LUQ 060924

"I've been helped on many different levels. I get only younger and younger. I was in rehabilitation a few years ago. I don't do any other form of exercise, but still my stamina is above the average for my age, so something does get better from this."

"I've practiced for a year and a half. I haven't had any dramatic diseases. But I think I function better and I worry less. I can handle stress better; I have better control over my body and a better sense of balance. I practice every morning. I don't dare to stop, because then I'll turn back into that sleepless pessimist who can't tie her shoelaces. It's important to build a habit of getting up in the morning and just doing it."

"I started to practice two years ago, and I've participated in many courses. I have had good results from the training. My knees, that have bothered me before, are much better. I feel calmer mentally and I don't get as easily upset by little things."

"I have heard about Qigong from a friend for as long as we've known each other, and I've been eager to participate in a course. I have stress and concentration related problems. In school, everything is a chaos. I feel I want balance. I noticed, during this weekend, that I've found the calm that I was looking for. I could feel that all the time when we were practicing."


Lars Hagner