Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2006-09-16]

This weekend Gothenburg was at its best, with a bright and sunny Autumn weather and comfortable warmth. This was the first course this Autumn and with its fifty people it was fully booked, all of them intent on improving their quality of life by practising in the Qi field. Before the weekend we had changed the premises and rented Allégården, an old building with fine old cultural traditions in Gothenburg. The premises were light, fresh and cosy. The switch was very much appreciated by the participants, partly due to its old charm, but also because of it being situated near the centre of the city. Many of the new participants had found their way there because they were warmly recommended of other participants, and with keen curiosity and enthusiasm they set about the business of learning the exercises. They had good help by those who repeated the course.

Anna Schyberg o Peter Gbg sept 06

Some opinions from the course:

"This was my first Weekend Course and I think it was very good. I really want to ask why this isn't taught in the compulsory school. I thin it would have alleviated or taken away a lot of illness in its development stages".

Back and shoulders:

"I have previously had problems with my back. At the moment I don't have any pain at all, I think it feels fine now. I think it was very interesting to be here."

"My shoulders have relaxed more during the course. I have stressful shoulders, but otherwise I haven't got that many problems".

"I have tremendous problems with my back and the thoracic part of my back. Qigong helps in limbering up that area".

"My back has been hurting but now I can feel the energy flowing. My experience of this course is that I can feel the Qi field very clearly. It's thick, heavy and burning hot and that's an awesome feeling".

"I started to practise because I had this slipped disk in my back which made my body very stiff. I've noticed that I'm physically much more flexible. Before I practised Qigong I'd bend my back like a folding knife, according to my physiotherapist, and when I'd bend over I'd hardly be able to reach my knees. After one month of training I went to her again because I thought it felt so good. Then she said that I had started to bend my back at an arc again, and I could reach 20 centimetres further down, after just one month of training. Today I have barely two centimetres left to put my hands on the floor".

Gbg HQU sept 06 b

The legs and the sense of balance

"I suffer from MS and I find that my shoulders have benefited from the training, I have mover strength. Another problem of mine, my computer shoulders, have improved without a doubt".

"I suffer form MS. I enjoy this training very much. I have achieved a much better sense of balance and my body is more supple. I intend to continue with this training. Thank you for a very good course.

Stress and mental strength

"The reason why I started to practise Zhineng Qigong is that I needed a tool to deal with stress. I have previously been on sick leave for the burn-out syndrome and for the last year my personal situation has been very difficult. I realized that I had to find a way to handle the stress and for precisely that reason I have been very disciplined about my training since my first course in May. It has been just amazing to see how much the training has helped me mentally in very difficult situations. It's a marvellous tool".

"I became a father in May and so this Summer was a very hectic period. That's why it was so very nice to come here this time. I have also started to work, for real, after being on sick leave for several years. It has been getting to me a little, so that I been feeling a little low. I haven't felt as energetic for months as I did yesterday after the course. So it was very nice to join this Weekend Course, and there will be another course in two weeks. Thank you".

More strength on the whole

"It feels much easier to practise than when I was on my first course. Last time I was much weaker but I feel much better now. I feel much stronger on the whole. I suffer from fibro myalghia and new things keep coming up, but it's easier now somehow. It's hard to put my finger on it, but I feel stronger in every sense of the word, actually".

"My body has become much more supple during the years I've practised. My body was more stiff when I was ten years than it is now. When I need to do something I'm more fit, I have more power. It's just there. I also very seldom catch colds. This thing has really yielded results. Also it's a different kind of thing that you can't get anywhere else".

"I haven't been practising for that long, only for six months, and I joined the Summer Course this year. I thought it was very nice to join this weekend. There were several movements which I had difficulty relaxing in before. Now it was a lot easier and I felt glad about that. My feel and knees have always been painful, but not now, so I feel happy about the good results. Everything feels nicer and nicer all the time. Also I must say that my physical flexibility has clearly improved since I started doing Qigong. Thank you".


Kate Ohlsson