Hold Qi up Stockholm [2006-09-16]

16th -17th of September the first basic course this semester in Stockholm took place. Even though the weather was very nice both beginners and more advanced student chose to spend their time learning and practicing Zhineng Qigong. Several of the beginners came to the course because of friends or relatives who have got good results from the training. Now they also have a tool to influence their life situation in a positive direction. The last hour many of the students told about their good results and also recommended everybody to read the personal stories on the homepage to get even more inspiration to practice and use the effective method they've learned this weekend.

Some comments from the participants

"The training has made me a nicer and happier mother with more patience. My body feels softer and my mind is a bit calmer."

"The training is a way for me to allow myself well being."

"After the course I had an amazing experience. When I'm in town I usually feel stressed but yesterday, after the course, I was in my own world. I didn't notice anything around me. It was really nice."

"This is my second course. I'm trying to find a routine for my training. If I practice when I get home from work I feel more energetic and I sleep better. I've also practiced La Qi at work when I've felt stressed and it has been very helpful."

"I've practiced for a couple of years. In the beginning it was difficult to practice regularly but now I practice every day. My life is getting better and better. I don't know what results I'm looking for but I'm on my way to some kind of mental calmness. The results come gradually. My physical pain is completely gone. I don't remember what it is like to have pain."

"I have the advantage to practice every week at my work. I also practice every morning before I go to work. The training is a strength and it makes my day better. Being calmer is fantastic."

"Qigong is a base for me, a tool that I can use every day. I'm calmer and more present in the every day life. Congratulations to everybody for finding Zhineng Qigong."

"A friend of me thought I should come to the course. So here I am. A couple of weeks ago I had a stomach operation and it shouldn't be possible for me to stand up this much according to the doctors, but I have. It feels great and I'm happy my friend made me come here."

"When I started to practice a couple of years ago I suffered from whiplash and constant tiredness from an accident. I thought it wouldn't be possible for me to stand up a whole weekend but I did. To actually manage to do so gave me self confidence. I practiced regularly for a couple of years but when I felt good I quit practicing. Then I had another accident and I took on the training again. It was very helpful but it's hard for me to motivate myself when I feel better. But when something happens I take on the training again. I feel that the training is really good and I recommend other people to try."


Lars Hagner